Playing in Shrimpton Couture’s Closet for La Société

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I took the lovely Cheri, owner of as my date to the opening of Charles Khabouth’s new restaurant, La Société. Charles Khabouth owner of INK Entertainment and Alessandro Munge of Munge Leung Design Associates talked to me about La Société at Balthazar’s when I did the I want – I got’s Bisha Adventure in New York City with them last summer. I’ve waited patiently since then to see the results and I got my chance at the launch party.  La Société is a beautiful and I’m  amazed that they managed to blow away any reference to the former occupants, Dynasty Restaurant.  The patios are massive and they will be a very popular this summer with the “see and be seen” crowd.   The dinning area and bar are full of rich woods and stained glass ceiling is an amazing statement fixture that everyone should see, just stunning. (See the facebook page for photos) I’m looking forward to a new lunch option for my regular Saturday Yorkville excursions. Steak tartar, yum.
Playing in @ShrimptonCoutur's closet. Love!
Cheri decided that she wanted to dress me for the event and I didn’t say no. She put me in this beautiful 70s era one shoulder printed maxi dress from a company called Mac Tac and towering black YSL Tribute sandals.

I’m now obsessed with YSL Tributes sandals after wearing them. Such a great shoe as it has the platform height I love and they go with anything. I’m kicking myself for not picking a pair up on sale many years ago.

La Société
131 Bloor St, Unit 211

images: thanks to Cheri and Andrew for taking these shots on the La Société patio .


  1. You look ravishing! I’m a style blogger and so I just have to ask—is that a bright and bold orange bracelet or watch that you have on in the photo? If so, Loves it. It means that you purposefully added that little punch of color to show that you are a fashion risk taker who isn’t afraid to be recognized for her style choices.Kudos.

    • Hi there City Rocka,

      It’s my neon orange watch from Toywatch. I wear it all the time and I don’t really worry when it doesn’t match what I’m wearing. For this outfit, there was a touch of orange in the flowers so it worked.

      Thank you

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