Month: March 2009

Alexander McQueen Ready to Wear – Fall 2009 – 2010

Alexander McQueen thank you for bringing something interesting, emotional, strange and masterfully constructed to the runways of Paris. This is his ready to wear people, can you imagine the couture. I die thinking about it. Die, I tell you! I had to include some video in this post. They are only short clips but once the full video is up I will post it. Alexander Mcqueen Fall 2009 | New York Magazine Fashion Week Daily Video – This one shows you a lot of the looks You can see the whole Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear Collection on images:

Holts Gives Contemporary a New Bold Look

I had seen some evidence of changes happening at Holt Renfrew Bloor Street last Wednesday, some of the areas were getting a makeover. Yesterday, I received a tour of the new Contemporary Space on the 3rd floor from John Gerhardt, Holt Renfrew Creative Director. Inspiration for the space was kicked off by his green Comme des Garçons wallet. Influenced by the growing need for optimism, Holt Renfrew Creative Director John Gerhardt’s design inspiration stemmed from a bright green wallet he received as a gift. “It’s interesting how people respond to colour, particularly bold colours,” said Gerhardt. “I found myself looking at the wallet and feeling happy. It’s amazing how colour transforms our mood.” The Contemporary Space is now an explosion of colour and I love it. It’s a visual feast. The space now integrates accessories with clothing which moves it away from the separated Department Store feel to a more boutique shop experience. The clothing is more visible and easier to locate. “There is a strong nod to the ‘80s in our redesign, with “New …

Project Runway Canada – geekigirl’s verdict on Jessica’s dress

I haven’t blogged about PRC yet. I’m usually on Twitter doing the live posting thing with friends and that gets it out of my system. However, Project Runway Canada – Episode 6 had me interested. The winner would have their garment sold in Winners and said garment would be ready to be purchased the next day. Very interesting! Episode 6: Hope Springs Eternal Recap Guest Judge: Nicole Gouveia, WINNERS The designers are challenged to make a perfect spring dress for the Winners customer. The prize for this challenge could truly launch one designer’s career – the top design will be sold in select Winners stores across Canada. Iman leads the judging panel to declare who will win and who gets cut. The episode was hilarious as always, plenty of freakouts and fights. So, Jessica Biffi won and I went to Winners the next day to check out the goods. There wasn’t any black in my size so I opted for this periwinkle colour. Danielle says I’m wearing it over the wrong shoulder and that could …

Rick Owens Ready to Wear – Fall 2009 – 2010

Fall 2009 – 2010 has been pretty boring to me. I haven’t posted as much as I have in previous seasons because nothing has really grabbed me. Paris has had better shows than Milan and NYC. One of those shows is Rick Owens. He eschewed traditional black and send greys of all shades down the runway. It was a fabulous collection as always. I shall be salivating over his jackets once again this fall. See the complete show at Rick Owens Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear Collection on images: and

Toronto’s 175th Birthday

I was asked to be part of a video for Toronto’s 175 Birthday celebrations. It was created by the wonderful Jamie Woo of Torontoist and Suresh Doss of Spotlight City. I don’t usually like myself on film; I hate the way I sound and look, Suresh’s camera was amazing, I approve of my appearance here. Thank god I got a haircut on Monday too. See the original post Summing Toronto Up in Six Words – Torontoist: Toronto News, Culture, Events, Photos, and Everything Else.

i want: Miss Lanvin Dolls

There are a few of the Miss Lanvin porcelain dolls available at Lusiaviaroma site if anyone is looking to acquire one. I talked about these dolls that are inspried by the Spring 2009 collection previously. There are also keychains which are cheaper and made out of metal. The details are incredible, tulle, pearls and satin. Miss Lanvin Doll in Green Miss Lanvin Doll Keychain in Red, Miss Lanvin Doll Keychain the Bride Miss Lanvin Doll in black I can see these being great for a porcelain doll collector or a crazy Lanvin collector. images:

geekiviews: Mineral Flowers skincare

I received a package containing Mineral Flowers skincare items from my friends at Brill Communications. Mineral Flowers is a link of skincare that incorporates minerals from The Dead Sea. Mineral Flowers delivers an unmatched spa-like treatments in the comforts of your own home. Ingredients such as Calcium to strengthen cell membranes and relieve pain, Bromine which heals skin diseases and helps relieve psoriasis and Zinc that clears skin and is a key ingredient in the production of collagen. Each product contains antioxidants such as green tea and ginkgo biloba, therapeutic essential oils and organic ingredients microalgae aka: seaweed and vitamin rich fruit and vegetable extracts; resulting in a pure way to pamper your skin, with every product paraben free, guaranteed. There are two products a hand moisturizer and body & massage lotion. They come in five different scents: Lavender, Citrus Blossom, Jasmine, Chamomile and Almond Blossom. I’m a big fan of the Almond Blossom Citrus Blossom and Chamomile scents. They aren’t overpowering or sickly smelling. I wasn’t a fan of the Jasmine scent, it was …

i got: Jeffrey Campbell Biz Belted Bootie

I wanted the Jeffrey Campbell Biz Belted Bootie. I figured nowhere in Toronto would carry this style but I was wrong. It figures a new store I’ve been hearing wonderful things about is carrying them, Chasse Gardee. Chasse Gardee has been on my shops to visit list since I heard a friend gushing over this great new store in the West end; Queen and Dovercourt to be exact. I finally got that chance. Lining the exposed brick wall was shoes. The selection was unique and eclectic. You probably won’t find any of the shoes here in any other stores in the city. They also carry handbags and jewellery. Some of the brands you can find are Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Hyde S.K, Jeffrey Campbell and Karen Walker Eyewear. I didn’t make note of any of the other shoe brands. Chasse Gardee 1084 Queen Street West Toronto, Ontario 416-901-9613 You can find the < Jeffrey Campbell Biz boots online at Canadian retailer

Fashion Idol: Tilda!

Tilda Swinton is awesome. She takes risks with her clothing and can pull off looks like this one that was on the cover of Another Magazine . She was the only one I thought looked great at the Oscars. Tilda and Lanvin were meant for each other. via images: and

Marni Ready to Wear – Fall 2009 – 2010

The Marni Ready-to-Wear – Fall 2009 – 2010 collection was a strong one. It brought me back to the Marni fold after a few seasons of ambivalence. It was the jewellery that I noticed once again. Here is a short video which has a brief talk with Consuela Castiglioni and she discussed fabrics and inspiration.

Mark Fast Ready to Wear – Fall 2009 – 2010

The power of video once again proves itself to me. I would have totally overlooked Mark Fast Ready to Wear 2009 – 2010 without seeing this video. The pictures of the collection on don’t do it justice. Mark Fast is a 27 year old Canadian born knitwear designer. He grew up outside the city of Winnipeg, in the countryside along a highway next to a forest. This minimal, peaceful lifestyle led him to wonder what life might be like beyond the familiar frontiers of Canada. Finally finding inspiration in London, Mark studied at Central Saint Martins for five years. He completed his BA there and went on to complete his MA in February 2008. Mark has also created knitwear for Bora Aksu, a collaboration that spanned three seasons. I’m always excited to hear about Canadians making it abroad. Sarah Nicole Prickett wrote a great article about Mark for the National Post.

i want: Melissa Plastic Dreams

The more I see of these Melissa Shoes, the more I like them. The plastic thing does throws me off for anything other than an sandal. The heels have a padded footbed though, they might be comfortable. However you can’t complain about beautiful shoes like these. I love the colour and shape I’m also a fan of the pair designed by famous Architect, Zaha Hadid. They have an unusual shape too. I’ve seen Melissa shoes at various places in the city: Lavish and Squalor Little Burgundy EDIT: Holt Renfrew is now carrying the Melissa Zaha Hadid Shoes. – April 15, 2009 via images: and

Building Relationships with Word of Mouth and PR Practitioners While Maintaining Credibility with Your Audience – PodCamp Toronto 2009

I wrote about how I would be speaking at PodCamp Toronto 2009. That was a couple weekends ago and now the video is available. You can watch me and fellow panelists: David Jones, Eden Spodek and Matthew Stradiotto. Keith McArthur was our great moderator who kept the conversation flowing. Some blogs have said that out panel was one of the highlights of PodCamp Toronto 2009 and that makes me happy. Thoughts on Podcamp Toronto #pcto09 « Super Word Nerd Day 1 of PodCamp Toronto 2009 #pcto09 | RCC Graphic Designs . Loyalist PR PodCamp Toronto Recap | Share the Genie’s Power :: ClickInsight Blog Long overdue Podcamp Toronto 2009 debrief Public Sector Marketing 2.0 – Mike Kujawski’s Blog – Fresh Insights on Government, Association and Non-Profit Marketing in a Web 2.0 World Check out the sites for their thoughts on the weekend. The experience was quite fun and I got to meet some great people afterwards. I would definitely speak again about blogging. Thanks to Eden Spodek for asking me.