Schutz Fall Winter 2012 – 2013 Preview

Schutz is a Brazilian shoe company I’ve recently discovered. I was eyeing a pair of platform wedge sandals from Schutz from eLuxe which I ended up turning into an i got. The shoe is super light and I’m really looking forward to taking them for a spin.

Schutz’s creative director is luxury shoemaker Alexandre Birman. Shoemaking is in the blood and 39 years ago his father founded the Arezzo Group. The company is made up of three brands: Arezzo (lower-priced collection), Schutz(the contemporary collection) and Alexandre Birman (luxury collection). Alexandre started designing Schutz 15 years ago and it’s finally making it was to North American markets. The shoes are all made in Brazil.

I attended the Schutz Fall Winter 2012 – 2013 preview and got a look at the extensive collection.

See the rest of my photo in the slideshow

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