Join Zanta for a Parade

Toronto spectacle Zanta is having a special parade on Saturday to celebrate the dropping of charges against him. So head out to Queens Park on Saturday.

Zanta Parade on Saturday, March 11 at 14:00 (2:00 PM) at Queen’s Park

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He has a name

And it’s Zanta.

If you live in Toronto it possible you have seen Zanta before. I see him on the subway most times doing crazy shit in that Santa hat. Last time he was wearing these massive moon boots, shorts, no shirt, the Santa hat and a winter jacket. He decided to flex for everyone.

Leave a comment with your favourite Zanta story.

Edit: Livejournal is the place for all your Zanta news. Who knew the Sun did a story on him.

Edit (2/21/06): There are great pictures of Zanta here and here

EDIT(2/24/06): There is a documentary about Zanta, check it out. Thanks TP.

EDIT(3/28/06): There are some interviews with Zanta available. Thanks CaugheyMachine. (Ya, I’m slow with the updates)


I usually stick to fashion posts. However, I had a laugh voting today. I had no idea how many different and varied candidates I had to choose from.

Communist – Miguel Figueroa
Action – Wendy Forrest
Green – Mark O’Brien
NDP – Gord Perks
Conservative – Theresa Rodrigues
Liberal – Mario Silva
Marxist-Leninist – Sarah Thompson

I really wish I had my camera, but I’m pretty sure that would be a federal offence.

Buying organic read this

I like organic food. I find that it’s much tastier. However the dent in the wallet isn’t that fun. This report by people at Consumers Reports tells you when it’s best to spend the extra money (if you have it of course).

Ya it’s off topic, but I thought it was worth spreading the word.

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OMG I want it.

OMG I want it is this really neat website I discovered.

OMGiwantit, short for Oh My God I want it, is a great place to find modern and unique gifts and home accessories. We are not a store, we don’t sell anything, we simply link to items that we think are cool/fun.

The site has a social aspect to it. You can upload a product and add products to your OMGPage. You can view mine here. The site features some really cute items like this one
Monkey Nail Dryer
It’s a monkey shaped nail dryer, how cute.


Toronto online classifieds

Craigslist used to be the only choice for trying to sell stuff locally. Now there are two. Ebay has created Kijiji.

Kijiji, which means “village” in Swahili, is a classifieds-style website that offers a free, fun, and easy-to-use way for people in the same city to meet, share ideas, and trade goods and services. Kijiji is a start-up created by a small team of employees within eBay. Kijiji now has local sites in more than 180 cities in 18 countries.
Kijiji is a place where Torontonians can come together to trade a wide variety of goods and services. It is a great place to find a new pet, tickets to tonight’s hockey game, a job, or an apartment. It is also ideal for community postings such as volunteer opportunities or dance classes. All postings are free and no registration is required.

Posting on Kijiji is very easy and you don’t have to register. Anyone who has used Craigslist for posting will notice the difference. The only thing lacking right now for Kijiji is volume, but that will change once the word gets out.

I’m trying to sell a laptop backback on Kijiji right now, I’ve had one inquiry but not takers yet. Here’s the link if you are interested. I tried on Craigslist first, but got no responses.


fire fire!!!

So I was shopping (suprise, suprise) on Sunday (July 10, 2005) at Tap Phong. If you don’t know Tap Phong, where have you been, they have great housewares stuff for cheap. I bought 2 lawn chairs and a Parasole.

Anyways, I walk out of Tap Phong and there is a massive cloud of smoke in the sky. Apparently a big fire took out a bunch of townhomes (Reg req’d). It was pretty crazy seeing it on the street.
Spadina fire
Spadina fire

So Ryan started to have some fun
Ryan and the spadina fire

What a weekend…

Wow, this was a busy weekend in the city.

Friday I celebrated birthdays with another Gemini friend of mine. I was born on June 6th so the party was a little late, but it was a lot of fun. Here are a few choice shots; you can view the rest here

The Birthday Boy

I went to the Ribs festival at the Distillery District. It was a lot smaller than I expected but the ribs were good good. I got some ribs from Camp 31, a Canadian outfit from Paris, Ontario. The ribs were nice and tasty. A full rack is much to big too eat oneself, so I split one with my friend Paul. I didn’t take any pictures of the Distillery District, there were just too many humans walking around.


And now Sunday, the final day of Pride in Toronto. Pride to me is an excuse to party. I was there as an ally to the community and to hang out with some friends. I didn’t watch the parade. I don’t care much for them, and seeing the TD Bank float was not on my list of things to do. On that list were
1. Drinking
2. Eating
I accomplished both missions. We set up shop at O’Grady’s
at about 1:30pm and left around 7:30pm. It was a long hot day. We had a sweet spot on the patio. Our first waitress shared a name with me. I rarely meet any Anitas. Anita mentioned the same thing. It was quite strange. Anyways you can view my photos here, but here are a few shots.

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I like to buy things. This blog is just me talking out loud about things I want and things I just got.