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I want – I got Holiday Gift Guide – Part 4

So, part 1, part 2 and part 3 of the I want – I got Gift Guide Series are complete now it’s for the final installment, Part four. This is the part four of four in the I want – I got Gift Guide series. I have so many favourite things I wanted to include. This gift guide is very much I want – I got. You’ll see things I want, things I got and other obsessions. Some things are affordable and some aren’t but I’ve tried to mix it up. The list covers fashion, beauty, electronics, art, toys and booze. Basically, all the items on the gift guide are I want – I got approved. So, here is the last part of this exploration of things I would love to see under my tree at Christmas. I hope you had as much fun as I did exploring my Christmas wants. Acne Velocite Shearling Jacket ($1,749.99) –, – Acne makes my dream shearlings Eighty Seventh St. Fashion Inspired Greeting Cards ($7 – $30) …

i want: Velocite and Rita Shearling Jackets by Acne

I dream of two brands when it comes to outerwear, Moncler and Acne. One day I will own one of these kick ass Acne shearlings. They are so bad ass. The magenta shearling is called the Velocite and it’s an oversized moto jacket. This is the one I most covet as it covers the waist and is super roomy. Doesn’t it look warm as all hell. The cropped shearling moto jacket is called Rita. It’s the more fitted shearling. It looks warm too but I like the coverage the Velocite offers. The Rita would be my second choice of Acne shearling. You can find Acne shearlings at Jonathan+Olivia and TNT in Toronto. images: