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i want: Skinny Belts by Brave Leather

Skinny Belts by Brave Leather The whole tying the belt thing is a pretty old trend now but I am only now really enjoying it.  It’s to the point where I want to wear it myself.  That brings Brave Leather into the picture.  Their skinny belts you can tie look great. images: courtesy of Brave Leather

i got, Boxing Day edition

Boxing Day sucked, IMO. I did manage to get some strategic items like Curry Cashews from Holt’s. For the most part everything was the same price. I looking high and low for tall flat black boots and was denied everywhere. If I did find something, it was too big, ill fitting, or just plain crap. I’m going to try the Zola’s warehouse sale for some boots. I did find some things on the 27th at Girl Friday where everything was 50% off. I got 2 nice waist belts from Toronto company Brave Leather. I only have a picture of one, and it’s white and not silver. The other is black with embroidered elastic connecting the leather ends. I also picked up a cute houndstooth tshirt from Engine9