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Fashion Show Videos Spring 2009

Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2009 Very pretty and wearable collection, however it didn’t grab me like Fall Winter 2008. Proenza Schouler Spring 2009 Didn’t change my mind about the collection too much, but props for using Skinny Puppy Alexander Wang Spring 2009 Everyone was peeing themselves over this collection in NYC Christian Dior Spring 2009 Alessandro Dell’Acqua Spring 2009 I didn’t do a dedicated post to this collection but I quite liked it. Gianfranco Ferre Spring 2009 Very luxurious clothing, as always. Viktor & Rolf Spring 2009 I include this only because the presentation is great. I really like the side views. The clothing on the other hand….

The business of fashion is so much more interesting.

Yes, I love the clothes, shoes and accessories like any girl, but what makes fashion so interesting to me is the business end. While most people write fashion off as unimportant, I don’t think they realize the monstrous business that works behind the facade that affects so much of the world financially, socially and politically. Articles like The Latest in Fashion: Pink Slips from The New York Times are fascinating. There have been some interesting designer promotions and firings happening over the last year and this article goes into detail about designer Lars Nilsson who was fired from Gianfranco Ferré before even showing a collection. WHENEVER a fashion designer is fired, it is usually a very big deal, a scandal to be chewed on relentlessly by an industry that feasts on the intrigue of disgrace as if it were a long-denied buffet. SO LONG, FAREWELL Lars Nilsson That the two most spectacular dismissals in the last five years happen to have involved the same designer, Lars Nilsson, is all the more delicious to fashion insiders. …