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Stella McCartney for LeSportsac has arrived

Some of the new Stella McCartney for LeSportsac bags are nice. You all know I love the prints. This is my favourite bag and print. It’s a big bag too. I love big bags 🙂 The collection is available for Pre-Order only online at the LeSportSac website. You will not see these in the stores apparently. EDIT: I’m wrong, you can pick up the collection at Holt Renfrew. Thank you LouLou maybe I won’t let my subscription expire now. images:

I love LeSportsac’s prints

I’ve always thought LeSportsac was a little too expensive for a nylon bag; it has the Prada syndrome. That being said, I did by a Tokidoki messenger bag by Le Sportsac because it was damn cute. The prints are something this company does damn well.