i got: Luxury Rebel Booties

My Luxury Rebel booties were the talk of the water cooler yesterday at the office.  Many conversations I had revolved around the shoes in various places like the kitchenette while I was making my morning Mate Chino from Tea Emporium or washing my hands in the bathroom.  I found it amusing as this wasn’t the first time I wore them to work. Maybe it was all the flat boots I wore last week and people got used to my real height. I tend to fluctuate in the height department due to my love of platforms and heels.

When I was younger, I wanted to be tall. 6 feet was my ideal, although I would have accepted anything 5’9″ and up without complaints. I was a dedicated athlete back then and I had all kinds of plans on how the extra inches could help my game. Alas, my brother got the height in the family, he’s 6’3″. Me, I’m a measly 5’5″.  I shouldn’t complain, I’m still taller than average.

Luxury Rebel Booties
Picture taken the first time I wore the booties to work. No one really noticed

I originally wanted these Luxury Rebel boots, but they didn’t have my size. So in consolation the booties were presented to me instead. There is a covered platform in the shoe so the stiletto looks insane.  The platform is about half an inch.  They aren’t the highest shoes in the my closet, they just look the part.  I like the square toe because it gives the shoe a clunky feel.  I get a little futurism vibe from the shoe also.

Luxury Rebel Booties
Wearing the booties yesterday. I had a completely black outfit - black opaque tights and black Juma dress

My coworkers haven’t seen even a quarter of my shoe closet.  I can’t wait for more reactions when I dig the rest of them out.

i want: Luxury Rebel Boots


I never did get those YSL Tribute Boots but I’m glad the shape of the boot is trickling down so that I can get another chance to snag that shape. These Luxury Rebel boots remind me of the YSL Tribute Boot style. I’m pretty smitten with them.


I actually prefer the brown studded pair to the basic black. These will be available at Holt Renfrew at the end of June.