i want: Mirjana Scepanovic Handbags

Mirjana Scepanovic handbags
Mirjana Scepanovic handbagsMirjana Scepanovic handbags

If I went to the Toronto Fashion Incubator’s Press Breakfast like I was suppose to I would have seen this stuff in person. I love to see more local handbag designers getting out there.

Her jewelry is pretty cool too, very Marni-ish
Mirjana Scepanovic Necklace

Mirjana Scepanovic is found at:

1 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto, M4W 1L1
Tel: 416 961 0101

1566 Yonge Street, Toronto, M4T 1Z7
Tel: 416 920 6122

1342 Queen Street West, Toronto, M6K 1L4
Tel:416 629 2344