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i want: Neff Zub ZenV 20 by Nooka

There is something about the Neff Zub ZenV20 by Nooka x Neff collaboration watch that I just love. I think it’s the little smiley face.  Nooka has gotten love from I want – I got back in the early days.  They are an innovative watch company that has an interesting take on the digital timepiece.  Neff is a California based headwear company focusing on the skate/snow/surf industries. The watch retails for $150US and can be found online at Toronto retailers for Nooka include the AGO. images: courtesy of Nooka

i want: Nooka Zoo watches

Nooka Zoo V2 watch I just recently lost my Paul Frank watch, grrr. I lose watches a lot and I stopped buying them, except for the recent Paul Frank purchase. Figures I lose it. These beauties however might make me change my mind on spending a lot of money on watches. I promise not to lose you! I really like this version also Nooka Zoo [classic] Nooka is the ancient Amararunk’thuh word meaning “future is now”. Nooka is a contraction of “New Yorker” as pronounced with a native New York accent. Nooka is a the first part of “New York”…