i want: Passenger Pigeon clothing

Passenger Pigeon, the affair continues…
I have a coat fetish, big time. I have a double closet dedicated to them. Most of them are vintage, a few are military. There is also my prized possession, Anita. The Bell coat (pictured above) is made from a woolen army blanket.

This summer I loved the wrap dress and this fall is no different. I love the Jersey wrap dress made from cotton and bamboo. Instead of birds this one has tree stumps.

However another dress has added itself to the mix, the Herringbone Mod Dress. This one is made with bamboo, linen and lined with 100% silk, nice! The tree motive is a big trend with the fall 2006 collection.

i want: Wrap dress by Passenger Pigeon

A wrap dress by Passenger Pigeon
Wrap dress by Passenger PigeonPassenger Pigeon wrap dress
Cute and sustainable. I really do like silk screened cute things.

Passenger Pigeon can be found at
The Distillery Historic District
55 Mill St., building #56
Toronto, ON

686 Yonge St.
Toronto, ON

903 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON

Little Black Dress Shop
135 Tecumseth St.
Toronto ON

19 Kensington Avenue
Toronto ON