i got: M.A.C. Clutch by Rebecca Minkoff

M.A.C. Clutch by Rebecca Minkoff

The classic, minimal and versatile black handbag was a massive whole in my ridiculously large collection of handbags at home. I had the all the colours of the rainbow and various fabrics but not handbag 101: black, functional, multipurpose. I would always admire the Rebecca Minkoff M.A.B. (Morning After Bag) Bag at the a2zane store on Queen. I finally bit the bullet at a2zane and purchased the M.A.C. Clutch which is smaller than the M.A.B. bag. The strap can be adjusted to shorten it or it can be removed. I wanted a smaller bag because I have to many big bags. Big bags always result in me carrying more crap I don’t need. With a smaller bag, I have to be strategic with what I decide to carry with me, eliminated a lot of useless things. It’s only been a few days and obsessed with this bag. I love the shape, the size and the looks. The strap is a great length. I’m in love with the bag and it has filled so many wardrobe holes. The M.A.C. Clutch comes in different colours and materials on a seasonal basis.

images: rebeccaminkoff.com