Oh that, it’s just my Roots Sweatstyle Ad Campaign

Roots Sweatstyle Anita Clarke
Roots Sweatstyle Anita Clarke

August was one of those pinch me is this really happening months. I’m still processing the idea of my face plastered all over Roots stores and their online properties. That’s right, I’m currently part of Roots Sweatstyle Ad Campaign.

Roots Sweatstyle Anita Clarke
Roots Sweatstyle Anita Clarke

As with most amazing things that happen to me it started with a random email. In July, I was approached by Roots to take part in their Sweatstyle campaign celebrating Roots’s 41st anniversary. It was going to be a big one featuring online, instore, magazines and outdoor ads. I didn’t quite understand the large scope of the campaign when I said yes but my ego was all over it. Here is a company that I’ve grown up with asking me to become part of their history. I also love having any excuse to take part in a phootshoot with professional hair and makeup artists, stylists and photographers.
Roots Sweatstyle Landing Page
Roots Sweatstyle Landing Page

The question I got asked by most people when I told them I was participating was “Did they pay you?” I didn’t receive any money for the campaign but Roots would make a donation of $1500 to the charity of my choice. After I heard that my mind was made up and I said yes.

My charity is Hill House Hospice. Two years ago my family went through a really tough time when my Father was dying from cancer. The blog suffered because I was pretty much an emotional wreck. I want – I got isn’t site for airing my very personal thoughts about things, so I’ve never commented on his death here. I’m a very private person when it comes to stuff like that and I’ve never had a desire to make my pain into entertainment for others. I’m not wired to share emotions like that to a broad audience, only to very close friends. Hill House Hospice really did an amazing job of making this horrible experience as easy and respectful as possible for both the living and the dying. I can’t thank them enough for the care they gave my Father in his final hours. He was surrounded by family who loved him in those final moments in a quiet home like environment. So, this campaign is kind of like a salute to my beloved Father who I miss very much. He was the most loving and supportive Dad any kid could wish for. (I’m a big Daddy’s girl, no doubt about it).

Roots Sweatstyle Lookbook Page
Roots Sweatstyle Lookbook Page

The shoot happened to be on the day I filmed Cityline. I felt like a real baller that day, Television show in the morning and national ad campaign in the evening. I brought some of my clothing to mix with the Roots Fall collection as they really wanted to show each person’s own Sweatstyle. I worked with Stylist, Patrick Davis to choose two looks to shoot. Hair and Makeup was handled by Anna Barseghian of Judy Inc. The most hilarious person of the shoot was the Photographer, Ilich Mejia, whose name I only discovered weeks later. He introduced himself with a fist bump while I was getting my makeup done and we got to work. The shoot was so much fun. I felt really good about it. Ilich made me feel like a million bucks and I think it shows in the photos.

I saw the campaign first in the September issue of Flare Magazine. I had no idea it was going to hit the print mags or The Globe and Mail for that matter. The official campaign launch was on August 15 and my jaw dropped when I went to Roots.com. I really had no idea of the scope of this thing when I signed up. It was larger than I believed. I have a full page dedicated to me on Roots.com, this is insane. And it’s not just the Canadian website but also the US and International versions. My jaw dropped again when I walked in to the Roots store on Bloor Street. Seeing my photo in the front window and behind the cash was a very surreal experience. A friend was in Halifax and Instagrammed a photo of the Campaign from the Roots store there. Crazy!

Roots Sweatstyle Anita Clarke
Roots Sweatstyle Anita Clarke

I honestly thought nothing would top the Italian Vogue mention I got in January. At the time I was like, yup that’s the best thing that going to happen to me this year. Boy was I wrong!

Thank you so much Roots for the amazing opportunity and Happy 41th Birthday!!!!!

Check out the Roots Sweatstyle campaign and learn about the other people involved at:

You can also be part of the fun, tag your photos showing your best Roots Canada style with the hashtag #sweatstyle

Line Knitwear x Roots City Sweaters

Line Knitwear x Roots – Banff

My heart fills with Canadian pride when looking at the Line Knitwear and Root sweater collaboration. Line and Roots teamed up to create a capsule collection of four sweaters all based on iconic cities in Canada. The collection uses Line Knitwear’s top selling sweater styles with a bit of Roots Canadiana.

Line Knitwear x Roots – Vancouver

I’m a fan of all the styles and I think it’s fitting that Toronto’s is the most bland for some reason. I think it’s because I work in the financial district and all I see is shades of white, grey, navy and black. These sweaters will be available at Roots in the fall.

Line Knitwear x Roots – Toronto
Line Knitwear x Roots – Montreal

images: Courtesy of Roots

Roots x Dealuxe Handbags

I just love Dealuxe. I’m a customer and fan. The company is making all the right moves with hires like the amazing Susie Sheffman (formally of FASHION Magazine) and Amina Said (formally of Holt Renfrew). So I was pretty happy to hear about the Roots x Dealuxe handbag collaboration.

“We are so thrilled to welcome Roots to Dealuxe and collaborate with such a quintessential Canadian brand. The bags are bursting with colour and style and work perfectly with spring’s top trends. Best of all, I love that they are made with the highest quality leather, right here, at home!” Susie Sheffman, Fashion Director, DEALUXE

The collection is right on trend with the candy coloured bags with styles for a variety of uses.  It’s a great way to add a pop of colour to your outfit if you are colour phobc.  It also makes a great addition to a colour blocking outfit just to make it over the top obnoxious (in a good way).

The Roots x Dealuxe handbags can be purchased online at dealuxe.ca. Prices range from $78 to $298 and you get a free cellphone case with purchase.

images: dealuxe.ca