Shared now has a Storefront


Shared is a Toronto based fashion company that makes incredible locally made basics. They decided to open their first storefront and I went to the opening launch. All their clothing produced in Toronto and is made from organic cotton. I learned that they weave their own fabric in Toronto. The yarn is sourced from many different places but basically the shirts are made from scratch in Toronto. To top this off, they donate 50% of their profits to charity.


The store is one of the cutest I’ve seen in Toronto. The designers are big collectors of antiques and they have cleverly decorated the space with their finds. The store isn’t big, only 350 sq ft but the layout is very well done.


I’m a fan of Shared. I own a black cardigan that I got at The Drake Hotel General Store. I really am enamored with these two tshirts though.



They both have a story. I suggest you goto the store and find out about it.



The running shoes are very cute and affordable ($99). Right now they are only for men but there is a women’s line coming for the spring.


82A Bathurst Street (just south of King)
647 348 3374
Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 12 to 7