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John Lobb

Video – Bespoke Shoemaker John Lobb

The Grumpy Owl posted this wonderful video from The Guardian about Bespoke Shoemaker John Lobb. It’s a fascinating look at how shoes are made. At John Lobb, one of Britain’s last remaining bespoke shoemakers, little has changed since 1849. Perri Lewis unlocks the door to a lost world of craftsmanship. I also found another video about John Lobb that gives you a more detailed look at the shop image:

geekiviews: Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil

This edition of geekiviews features a guest blogger, The Grumpy Owl. He’s a guy and the Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil is for men. So it made sense that he review it instead of me. I hate oiling up my body. It’s the sort of the thing that one should have a person for. Preferably young, buxom and foreign. So, when Geekigirl gave me a plastic vial of Cromwell and Cruthers Shaving Oil, I viewed the product with some trepidation. Oil is bad enough but shaving is worse. The last time I combined the two, I spent an entire weekend cleaning hair, blood and assorted perfumes from my sheets. It was not an experience I was looking to repeat. But geekigirl quickly explained that I was to use this product to shave myself. Specifically, my face. While alone. I might not like oil or shaving but I do love my face. So I decided to give this shaving oil a whirl. Having used it for the past few weeks, I now feel competent to review …

Doing the Theatre thing

At the request of The Grumpy Owl I attended a theatre production with him. I don’t really do theatre but I said sure. He’s writing for the blog Mooney on Theatre. The play we saw was called Fibber at Theatre Gargantua. It was interesting. I think you should read the owl’s review at Mooney on Theatre, FIBBER- Theatre Gargantua.