i got: Minimal Baroque Sunglasses by Prada

Sneak peek at the Prada's

The Prada Minimal Baroque sunglasses have been my obsession since the spring summer 2011 collections hit the Milan runways last September. I originally wanted the crazy blue and white ones. They’d make a great addition to my crazy sunglasses collection.

Minimal Baroque Sunglasses by Prada
It didn’t look like the blue ones would be coming up to Canada in any major quantities so I decided on the tortoise shell Minimal Baroque sunglasses instead.
Minimal Baroque Sunglasses by Prada
My favourite Prada SA John helped The Oracle and I decide between the two offerings, black and tortoise. I liked the lens shade better in the tortoise and they were a bit more exciting than basic black.

God I love these Prada sunnies

Like most of my sunglasses these Prada’s get as many stares as my neon green Prada Postcards.

Check out this short commercial for the Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses.

images: prada.com, me


  1. Fab sunnies. Seems baroque eyewear is all over! Saw some interesting ones by Moo Purasombatkul in Vogue (US edition) with white porcelain accents.

  2. Congrats on your “best dressed” designation in the June 16th Toronto Star! You look fabulous.

    We met in line at the Hermes sale. I wear my enamel bracelet almost every day.

  3. petalfrog

    Where did you get these? Been trying to find them online to buy but no luck!!!

    • Hi, I got them at the Prada Store on Bloor Street in Toronto. They are sold out there now though