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Damir Doma x MYKITA Spring Summer 2014 Sunglasses

Damir Doma x MYKITA Spring Summer 2014 Sunglasses

Easy way to my heart is through sunglasses. MYKITA always has great collaborations and I’m loving the Damir Doma Spring Summer 2014 ones. There are two styls, Vivien and Rita. I like the combination of transparent material and wisps of colour that penetrate throughout. “VIVIEN” & “RITA” are a statement, the two oversized butterfly-style frames are flamboyant, eccentric and larger than life. They are awash with colours that were infused into the transparent material employed: a frozen melange of rust-red, green, aubergine and blue colour clouds. This two new sunglasses models are available in three colour combinations: Cloudy Blue (transparent with dashes of ink blue), Cloudy Brown (transparent with rust-brown hues) and Cloudy Purple (transparent with rust red, green, aubergine-coloured and blue colour clouds). Both frames are fitted with tinted lenses from pioneering optical solutions specialist Zeiss and will go on sale in spring 2014 at all MYKITA Shops and the Damir Doma flagship store in Paris.(source) images:

i want: Feather Cat Eye Sunglasses by Charlotte Olympia x Linda Farrow

Charlotte Olympia makes shoes and handbags I really like. I guess I can add sunglasses to that list too. The brand partnered with Linda Farrow to create the Feather Cat Eye shades. She’s got a great eye for accessories which isn’t surprising because Charlotte Olympia Dellal has amazing style. These sunglasses are around $410 and available online at, and images:

MYKITA MYLON x Moncler Fall Winter 2012 – 2013

It come as no surprised to regular readers that I’m obsessed with everything Moncler. When MYKITA and Moncler teamed up in the spring I was excited. Two brands I really love coming together for a special collaboration. I’m also a sunglasses nut but the only thing preventing me from owning a pair is the cost. They are so expensive and not available in Canada! With shipping, duties and foreign exchange I’d be looking at around $1000. OUCH! I can’t justify it, even my Prada Baroque’s didn’t cost that much. Well, MYKITA MYLON x Moncler is back for the Fall Winter 2012 – 2013 season and I’m still obsessed. “From mountain peaks to the city streets” was the credo this time, and with model LIONEL we’re moving a bit more into the urban context. LIONEL is available in the following colour combinations: khaki with brown reflective lenses, brown with gold reflective lenses and black with silver reflective lenses – all three featuring mineral glass from traditional Italian manufacturer Barberini, boasting excellent durability and clarity of vision. …

i want: Marni Winter Edition 2012 Sunglasses

I love that some PRs have caught on to the fact that I love sunglasses just a little too much. My Mom asked me how many pairs I have the other day. I sheepishly replied eight. Now most people would say that`s probably a little excessive but I have no plans on keeping my collection at 8. Marni`s 2012 Winter Edition Sunglasses are on my hot list right now. I love the colours and flower motif. The main feature of the sunglasses from the MARNI WINTER EDITION 2012 EYEWEAR COLLECTION is the contrast between opaque and shiny used for a flower motif on relief in the upper part of the frame. Opaline and watery colors range from bright green, pink, yellow and red to sand and brown, while temples are in contrasting solid colors. I`m not sure which retailers in Canada will be stocking these but they are available online at and in all Marni Boutiques. images: courtesy of Marni

i want: Linda Farrow Luxe Fall Winter 2012 – 2013 Sunglasses

I haven’t added any new sunglasses to my collection this summer. It’s kinda making me depressed in a weird way. Karir Eyewear is bringing some great snakeskin Linda Farrow Luxe sunglasses to the store this upcoming fall. The Linda Farrow Luxe collection features handmade sunglasses using high end materials like horn, leather, titanium and snakeskin. The shapes are classic but the snakeskin makes them different from the rest. images: courtesy of Karir

i want: Roberto Cavalli “Wild Diva” Sunglasses

It pains me to say this but I like something from Roberto Cavalli. I’m a bit shocked to admit it but these Wild Diva sunglasses are pretty killer. Skilfully crafted on the front for a second skin effect, it expresses an impetuous temperament through bold lines and strong traits, underscored by a crocodile/ostrich/shagreen print. Bold chromatic contrasts, from the winter colours that swing from black tobacco to purple and back, to the stronger and more extreme pink, violet, yellow and acid green colours, all with matching or contrasting shaded lenses to add emphasis to the fashion essence of these sunglasses. These sunglasses made their debut on the Fall Winter 2012 – 2013 runway. I’ll be including these in my fall sunglasses hunt. images: courtesy of Roberto Cavalli

i want: Miu Miu Culte Sunglasses

Leave it to Miuccia to come up with more sunglasses that I need to own. This time it’s not a pair of Prada’s I’m drooling over, it’s Miu Miu. These are from the Culte Sunglasses Collection. I love the pentagonal-shaped and brushed gold finish. The sunglasses are also featured in Miu Miu’s latest fashion film, Women’s Tales Saga. The film stars Italian actress Maya Sansa and is set to a haunting soundtrack, written especially for the film by electronic pop trio Au Revoir Simone. Following The Powder Room — Zoe Cassavetes’ dreamy story of opulence and glamour, and MUTA — Lucrecia Martel’s film noir filled with mutant fashion divas — The Woman Dress is again set in an all-female world of glamour and desire. But this time fashion obsession is taken to its most extreme conclusion, in a metaphysical tale of transcendence and ritual. images:

Moda Operandi Finally Pulls Me in with Karen Walker Sunglasses

I’ve been following Moda Operandi since it opened. In my mind, this is really one of the most exciting online fashion retailers. It gives the fashion lover a chance to secure those special items that you see in a collection but can never find when it hits the retail market. I’ve drooled over many of the trunk shows on the site but I finally bit the bullet when the Karen Walker Resort 2012 sunglasses showed up. They have a purple and fluoro green acetate frame and brown CR39 coloured lens. Now the waiting game begins as the delivery window is from Aug. 20, 2011 – Dec. 20, 2011. I’m hoping it’s earlier. I have a feeling Moda Operandi temptations will become reality much more often now that I’ve dived in. images:

Kirk Originals

I don’t know what it is about men that work in the eyewear industry that I find so fascinating. They always end up charming the pants of me (Well, not literally). Jason Kirk of Kirk Originals fits that mould to a T. He was so welcoming and pleasant when I met him at Karir Eyewear for the Kirk Originals media day. Kirk Originals are known for their glittery frames and bright, saturated colours in materials like acetate and acrylic. Jason has a family history in the eyewear business so it made sense that he would follow in their footsteps. British based, Kirk Originals started in 1992. Currently, Jason and his wife Karen run the company from their home near Bordeaux, France. All frames are handmade in France also. Frames are architectural in shape and retro in design. Jason tells me that Kirk Originals isn’t for everyone and they really focus on their typical client.”The Kirk Originals wearer is creative, confident, irreverent and independent in their style choices,” says co-designer Jason Kirk. “We make glasses you …

i got: Alexandre Herchcovitch x MYKITA Sunglasses

I talked about ordering a pair of Alexandre Herchcovitch x MYKITA sunglasses at the MYKITA media day at Josephson Opticians. A few weeks after ordering they came in. I finally got to take advantage of the gift certificate I received in exchange for posing in the Josephson Opticians 75th anniversary ad. I’m very, very happy with my purchase. The MYKITA’s shape is understated but it’s necessary to offset the insanely bright blue colour. The blue lens casts a beautiful light on everything. It makes me happy. I get a lot of stares with these sunglasses. Hmm, that seems to happen with all my sunglasses these days. I’m getting a MYKITA bug now and I really want the Bernhard Willhelm red metal ones. images: me, Gary Campbell

MYKITA Spring Summer 2011

MYKITA‘s popularity is built on the snobbery of engineers. I laugh at this statement as Moritz Krueger and Philipp Haffmans describe their eyewear company’s rise in popularity. I met them at Josephson Opticians for MYKITA media day. They were in Toronto for a personal appearance and trunk show at the store. It’s rare to hear something that honest. So that kind of candor combined with the unstoppable ooze of cool the duo resonated made me like them immediately. How can you hate on a guy who can wear knickers and not look stupid? I thought it was physically impossible. I was wrong. MYKITA is a Berlin based eyewear company. Moritz and Philipp are two of the four co-founders with Daniel Haffmans and Harald Gottschling rounding out the quartet. The Berlin headquarters serves as homebase for all steps of the business from design, production and marketing. HQ is called the Workshop. MYKITA’s snob factor is based on their patented hinge design that removes the need for screws and soldering. Individual frame elements are cut from thin sheets of …

i got: Minimal Baroque Sunglasses by Prada

The Prada Minimal Baroque sunglasses have been my obsession since the spring summer 2011 collections hit the Milan runways last September. I originally wanted the crazy blue and white ones. They’d make a great addition to my crazy sunglasses collection. It didn’t look like the blue ones would be coming up to Canada in any major quantities so I decided on the tortoise shell Minimal Baroque sunglasses instead. My favourite Prada SA John helped The Oracle and I decide between the two offerings, black and tortoise. I liked the lens shade better in the tortoise and they were a bit more exciting than basic black. Like most of my sunglasses these Prada’s get as many stares as my neon green Prada Postcards. Check out this short commercial for the Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses. images:, me

i want: MAYFOURTEENTH Sunglasses

I’m totally loving MAYFOURTEENTH sunglasses. All their eyewear is shaped and polished by hand in their Buenos Aries factory. The MAYFOURTEENTH blog has a great post about a recent visit. It really gives you a feel of how much works goes into them. MAYFOURTEENTH is an independent eyewear brand, committed to creating quality, handcrafted products that blend vintage glamour and contemporary culture. all products are made with careful hands and designed with sophisticated style. Prices range from $180 – $240 for this San Francisco based company and they can be purchased on the MAYFOURTEENTH website. images:

i want: Postcard Sunglasses by Prada

I love the fluorescent green Postcard Sunglasses by Prada. They really were made for me and they match my Blackberry case. They come in six colours that are dedicated travel destinations: Milan: green sunglasses dedicated to Forte dei Marmi; Los Angeles: light pink sunglasses dedicated to Santa Monica; Manhattan: transparent sunglasses with pink lenses dedicated to Montauk; Paris: transparent sunglasses with light grey lenses, dedicated to Biarritz; London: transparent grey sunglasses with orange lenses, dedicated to Cornwall; Lisbon: matte black sunglasses with black lenses dedicated to Setùbal. I’ve seen these sunglasses at Holt Renfrew and Spectacle in the city. You can purchase them online at or Sunglasses Hut images: me,

Balmain x Oliver Peoples

Balmain x Oliver Peoples I have to admit the Balmain x Oliver Peoples collaboration is pretty nice. For the 2010 season, Paris couture house Balmain collaborated with Oliver Peoples to create its first eyewear design. This Limited Edition sunglass, named simply Balmain I, is a bold, unisex style that reflects the edgy aesthetics developed by designer Christophe Decarnin on the runway. Featuring an exaggerated teardrop lens shape in a form-fitting wrap, the Balmain I is a mixed-media style, crafted with a metal top bar and temples, and an acetate eyewire. Unified with four screws along the backside, the frame also features a flexible hinge for added comfort. Two color options are available: solid black and a black/silver combination. EDIT: I’ve discovered a Canadian retailer. Unfortunately it’s only in Toronto, Spectacle. images:

Linda Farrow x Roisin Murphy Sunglasses

Linda Farrow x Roisin Murphy Sunglasses

I love this collaboration of Linda Farrow and Roisin Murphy. It’s part of Linda Farrow’s Projects. They have joined forces to create two pairs of sunglasses sold that can be found at Colette. The sunglasses come in two options: 24 carat gold plated or silver plated. Linda Farrow is well known for her collaborations. She worked with Alexander Wang to create the fabulous cat eye sunglasses.

i want: Shwood Eyewear

Sunglasses made of wood, that’s Shwood Eyewear. I was first visually taken with these classically shaped sunglasses. I loved the use of wood as the medium. It’s not used for sunglasses often, so it’s a bit fresh feeling. The price was reasonable too, $115 US for polarized lens (shipping to Toronto makes the price $141 approx). East Indian Rosewood – Wood tone varies from very dark brown to black with fine, closely spaced dark veins and white lines. Grain structure is straight and tight. Zebrawood – Wood tone varies from light golden-yellow to pale golden-brown, with narrow veining of dark streaks giving the wood a zebra-stripe appearance. Shwood Eyewear is handcrafted.  The gorgeous wood comes from various plantations across Africa that are using sustainable methods. A simple experiment with nature. Born from the limb of a Mandrone tree, a rusty pair of cabinet hinges, and lenses from the corner store, Shwood has been a curious endeavor from the beginning. An endeavor to create a product that encompasses the individuality and uniqueness that can only be …

i got: Oakley Frogskins Re-release Sunglasses

Oakley Frogskins Re-release Sunglasses I had a pair of Frogskins in 1987, I loved them to death. I thought they were the coolest thing ever. They got scratched and then lost. They came back into my life in 2007 when Oakley decided to bring them back from the dead. I have to admit, I’m loving them to death all over again. Be a part of our history with a new spin on a pop culture classic, the Oakley Frogskin®! At Oakley, we’ve spent decades creating original works of art that reinvent both technology and style. To celebrate the rich history of our brand, we decided to re-release a ground-breaking style that can be traced back more than twenty years to our “garage” company roots. First introduced in 1985 and originally available in over 50 colors, the Oakley Frogskin was a part of the 80’s pop culture, a time like no other. Ronald Reagan was in the White House. “The Terminator” was in the box office and Run-D.M.C. was in certified gold. We have resurrected the …