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Thinking of you by Dan Brown
Thinking of you by Sam Brown

Sam Brown is the comic artist behind Exploding Dog. His

hi my name is sam,
i draw pictures, from your titles. send me a title, or any thing else you want to talk to me about

A good friend of mine sent me an autographed copy of Thinking of You. It was a very cool gift. Thinking of you is a hardcover book made for the fifth year of the explodingdog website. It contains over 140 full colour pictures selected from the last five years of explodingdog. Sam Brown’s work is like nothing I’ve seen before, it works to my sense of humour, perhaps not to others.
Some of my favourites are:
were all gonna die
and so it begins
trust me, it’s going to be ok

Sam Brown came to Toronto this summer for The Toronto Comic Arts Festival. I got to meet him briefly and got him to sign my copy of Amazing Rain. Hopefully, he will be back again in 2006. For you Canadian folk Amazon.ca carries Amazing Rain also.
Amazing Rain by Sam Brown

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