i want: Rainboots

Blue Tweed Wellington Boots
Hunter Blue Tweed Wellington boots

The nasty weather in T.O has me thinking about Wellies again. I’ve talked about Wellies before on I want – I got. They were really cool, but unfortunately an art project.

Toile Wellington Boots
Hunter Toile Wellington boots

These printed ones by Tamara Henriques are very nice, but I love the classic black.
Black Wellington boots

For you girlie girls they have many kitten heel rain boots like this
Kitten Heel Pink Toile
n Canada you can purchase them at Forty Mile Creek. They don’t have the complete collection, but more choice than other online retailers I checked.

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By Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke is an Engineering Storyteller and the founder of the fashion blog “I want – I got.” She was one of the first and most prominent online fashion writers in Toronto and Canada.


  1. I’m trying to find out about that actually. Right now you can order them online from Wellie-boots.com or wellieboots.com. Both these options however have massive delivery charges ($35+). I have sent out a couple emails and hopefully I’ll find out something about a canadian based option. I will follow up with a post about this.

  2. I don’t now why do girls always are spending a fortune on pattern wellies? Like practical wellies last longer and are of more comfort.Like when I got my Dunlop wellies which I got three years ago when I first put them on I never wanted to take them of they were so comfortable not saying your style is wrong but I just think thing are suppose to be practical.

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