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i really wanted to like you

It’s always disheartening to find out something you loved is poorly made crap. Enter Faryl Robin. I have always loved their shoes. They were very cute and funky. Different than the rest I always thought about buying some. I did just that during the summer. The first pair I owned were awesome, strappy wedge sandal with lots of colour.
The straps along the toe were held together with coloured thread, red and yellow. I wore them a day and a half, and the string unravelled, making the shoe unwearable. I had to go to Aldo and buy a pair of shoes to continue the day with. It was quite the piss off. Thankfully, the lovely women at Shoon took the shoes back and allowed me to choose another. It was obviously a manufacture’s defect. Unfortunately, the shoes were sold out so I chose another pair.

Now these weren’t my original choice but they were still cool, so I got them as a replacement. While these lasted more than a day, they ended up falling apart also. The first things to fall off were this neat little bird detail on the bottom of the shoe.
They survived the last 2 months of summer and then one of the toe straps became detached from the platform rendering the shoe useless.

Now, I didn’t expect these shoes to last long. I did expect them to last more than 1 summer, definitely more than 2 months. They were $130. $65 for each month I wore them. I’ve sworn off their shoes now, which is a shame because this is really nice.

It’s too late for you now though, you had two chances to get it right and you didn’t. Boo urns Faryl Robin, boo urns

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