La Senza Spirit vs. Tom Ford

I love La Senza Spirit. I don’t lounge around in activewear, I sweat and I run. I expect a lot of out of my gear. I recently bought some workout clothes and was very impressed with the fit and construction. Best of all, it’s way cheaper than Lululemon. I saw these sunglasses in the store recently.
I love the shape and the frames. It should have been no surprise to me when I discovered that they were basically a knockoff of a pair by Tom Ford called Whitney

The La Senza Spirit version are $16.50CAD, Tom Ford $300US. I tend to lose sunglasses a lot, so I will be looking at the cheap version.

I was surprised at how cheap things are on sale at La Senza Spirit. I bought 2 pairs of capris at 20 bucks a piece, a pair of black pants (that fit amazing) for 30 bucks and 2 tank tops for $12.50 a piece. That’s 5 items for the price of one pair of lousy lululemon pants (I’m not a big fan of the fit).

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By Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke is an Engineering Storyteller and the founder of the fashion blog “I want – I got.” She was one of the first and most prominent online fashion writers in Toronto and Canada.


  1. Thanks for the tip on La Senza. I’ll be paying checking them out. I personally have never figured out how Lululemon can justify nearly $60 for a pair of pants. Must be the name, ‘cos it can’t be the quality. The pair I bought in a “sale” a year ago didn’t blow me away either.

  2. well…lululemon is way better than american apparel for their pants. anyway, those sunglasses look very much the same. difference could be the lenses though…UV stuff, etc. lol

  3. Lululemon pants are at $90 bucks these days. That place is for people who want to wear sudo workout gear but don’t want to workout. American Apparel is just yuck for anything that isn’t a tshirt

  4. lululemon pants rnt ugly u probley just cant affored them! They r way better quality then the dumbass stuff u got

  5. Ok lululemon r way better quality than ur little cheap stuff!:@
    First of all watch those sunglasses break in a week!

    C ya

  6. Im with DINGDONG… you guys are so cheap.. laSensz knocks off everything
    I think that if you cant afford the Tom Ford’s than Y try and look cool and buy a cheap knock off that everybodys going to laugh at you for?
    … But im with you on the lululemon pants thing.. Holt Renfrew OR Saks has MUCH better stuff 🙂

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  7. This in reply to AEA comment from Aug 11, 2007 about lululemon etc…HOW DARE you say cheap jew bags? whoever is the administrator of this site should know thats a horrible thing to say! Thouands of jewish people lost their lives in the holocaust and you just throw some anti-semitic joke about cheapness?

  8. I’m the administrator of this site and I think leaving these comments to see the completely stupidity that person was warranted. I thought about removing it, but then that’s just covering up the fact that there are people still like that around. Racism is not dead.

  9. Hi, i just wanted to say… why do you want to buy a Fake pair of sunglasses??.. If somebody could please tell me the point of buying something ugly that copied something nice.. ?
    i have the tom ford whitney sunglasses and i love them.. anyone considering buying them, its DEFINATELY worth the money.. 300. isn’t even that much to spend on sunglasses, when u think, you wear them daily?

  10. I can understand why people don’t by expensive sunglasses. 300 dollars is a lot to lose if they get misplaced or broken. I have an expensive pair now, but that took me over 15 years to spend that kind of money again. I had Oakley’s in high school but they got scratched when I got taken out by a lacrosse player (ya, long story).

    I wouldn’t go back to cheap now for everyday sunglasses. The lens quality is so amazing in my Burberry’s.

  11. ????

    Wow I hope not all teenagers are like that! Kids seem to have a sense of entitlement. It’s the VIP-line mentality. No concept of value for money.

    Wait until you have a mortgage Dingdong and AEA. Unless your daddy or pimp pays it for you, you’ll have a major wake up call when you’re older!

  12. I have not even tried lululemon pants before because they are expensive. However I can say that the La Senza Spirit line of clothes is very high quality and every piece I have bought there has lasted years of working out 3 times a week or more.

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