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La Senza Spirit vs. Tom Ford

I love La Senza Spirit. I don’t lounge around in activewear, I sweat and I run. I expect a lot of out of my gear. I recently bought some workout clothes and was very impressed with the fit and construction. Best of all, it’s way cheaper than Lululemon. I saw these sunglasses in the store recently.
I love the shape and the frames. It should have been no surprise to me when I discovered that they were basically a knockoff of a pair by Tom Ford called Whitney

The La Senza Spirit version are $16.50CAD, Tom Ford $300US. I tend to lose sunglasses a lot, so I will be looking at the cheap version.

I was surprised at how cheap things are on sale at La Senza Spirit. I bought 2 pairs of capris at 20 bucks a piece, a pair of black pants (that fit amazing) for 30 bucks and 2 tank tops for $12.50 a piece. That’s 5 items for the price of one pair of lousy lululemon pants (I’m not a big fan of the fit).

via Outblush

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