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Nothing excites me more than purchasing new electronic equipment. That’s right, I love this more than shopping for clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. I bought a new computer a little ahead of schedule.

It’s beautiful. 22″ LCD screen. Nice wide screen action! I had one of the old and massive monitors before so this is a dream. It’s also Dual core. DUAL CORE baby! That is two Intel CPUs in my box, 2GB of RAM and a one Terabyte of harddrive space. I’m a happy camper πŸ™‚

Unfortunately I’m having a problem with the onboard sound and I have to take it back to get fixed. Reinstalling the drivers did nothing. I called tech support, which is fairly irritating for me because the Men on these calls never think I have the knowledge I do. So this guy takes me through the same freaking steps I’ve already done many times over. Such a waste of time. I hate tech support.

I’ll let you know the company I purchased with after I get this sound thing dealt with. Otherwise, I’m quite happy with my purchase.

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