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Björk at 10
Check out the photos for Beauty Icon feature with Björk. This above pic is Bjork at 10. Is that not freaking adorable. Could you imagine that 10 year old belting it out, gives me shivers.

You have to admit this picture of Björk in the swan dress is amazing. Look at those legs.
Björk swan dress

Check out the Earth Intruders video if you haven’t yet.


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By Anita Clarke

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  1. Grant it she does have a somewhat unique name. But a google image search of Björk (with the umlaut) maybe the most beautifully relevant image collection I’ve ever encountered with with this service:

    If you haven’t checked out her significant other’s work, you might enjoy it. Matthew Barney is brilliant. I had the privilege of shaking both their hands (other people would say they met them, but I’m a realist, I was just one of many that shook their hands) last year at his SF MoMA opening. Björk was beautiful as a geisha.

  2. I think that she is not only beautiful but I also believe she is a genius musically, marketing, business, multilingual… Her IQ has to be huge…

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