Those Balenciaga Lego shoes are gonna cost you

The Balenciaga Lego shoes are $4,175USD at Neiman Marcus.
Balenciaga Fall 2007 Collection - Shoes

Not sure if Holt Renfrew will be carrying them.

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By Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke is an Engineering Storyteller and the founder of the fashion blog “I want – I got.” She was one of the first and most prominent online fashion writers in Toronto and Canada.


  1. Those are hideous. They will have to charge a lot more than that if they want anyone to buy them.

    And that sock depresses me.

  2. Those are gunna be hot, I can see a range of people
    wearing them, they are truely unique in a world of clogs
    and ugly sandals………

  3. not these ones, but the black balenciaga shoes from the same show absolutely blow me away.
    who cares how much they cost!!
    if i get rich enough, i will buy them soley because they express my unusual style.
    and i think they are the raddest, perfect combanation of modern and bad-ass shoes on this unfashonable plannet.

  4. $99 Legos — You can afford them at a store in Georgia. They have the designer discounted ones that look JUST like the real ones. Try their online store Let me know if you find any other bargains.

  5. I just bought at pair at for like $32!! They come in like 5 colors too! Just search under Lego.

  6. Hilarious,

    people are knocking off the horrible Steven Madden Balenciaga knockoff. They really offend my sensibilities.

    If I saw anyone on the street with those I would have to laugh my ass off.

  7. Neo frm rodeo, what r you saying they lk jst like them, I have a pair of the real ones, only pair nz got! they are nthing like thse cheap thngs, these are unique to the T and i thnk u need gt fashion glasses

  8. Those shoes are different and gorgeous!!!! With the right outfit to compliment the design it can look hot!!!

  9. I love these…if I had $4000 to buy them, I would…HANDS DOWN! It’s not just the shoe, it the art and structure of the shoe that caught my attention. The shoe is not ugly, it’s for those that want to be different and don’t want to look like everyone else…A must have!!!

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