Beyonce in Balenciaga?

Balenciaga Spring Summer 2007
So Beyonce bought the CP30 leggings from the Spring Summer 2007. I’m curious to see this look, it’s going to be fugtastic. I can’t imagine her pulling it off, especially if she’s using some fug shirt made by her mom.

So do you think she can pull it off?

Terrence Koh struts around NYC in the Balenciaga leggings with video below. There are pictures of him getting ready, it seems like and intensive process.

More pictures at this link (look for entry – 2007-06-11 15:54:55 – MODEL CITIZENS DEATH IN BALENCIAGA)

Turns out the leggings weren’t $100,000 as previously hyped. but a mere $18,000.

By Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke is an Engineering Storyteller and the founder of the fashion blog “I want – I got.” She was one of the first and most prominent online fashion writers in Toronto and Canada.


  1. You’re so right about Beyonce… I wouldn’t be surprised if she bought the leggings so that her mom can rip them off and make a hoochie version to go with short-shorts 2.0. Also, I think that you need really skinny legs to wear something so bulky on them and so Beyonce should run the other way…

  2. henna, you bring up a very good point – which is why i find the whole beyonce/balenciaga pairing so interesting.

    balenciaga designs are not curve-friendly, and i do not say that as a complaint, but it does make for an interesting point that these custom-made leggings are being made for her at all. who is trying to make the bigger point?

    i’d say it’s balenciaga, as everyone knows beyonce cannot dress herself appropriately.

  3. misshoax,
    here here, that girl has no concept of style. I can’t even understand some of the choices, even if it’s for a performance.

  4. I just saw a photo of Beyonce in the leggings and to my surprise, I’m pretty upset. One of the best womenswear collections of this decade and she takes a big s–t all over it. As someone said above, her body type is ALL wrong for them and she’s wearing them, not as an accessory…but as PANTS! The entire ensemble should be cause for her being banned from attending any high fashion show.

    I can’t believe how wrong she looks in one of the most innovative pieces from the spring collections. She should be arrested.

  5. damn stop hatin on beyonce she looked good in the leggins and as u see being a skinny white bitch in them leggins look ugly as fuck stop hatin on the black girl…..stupid white skinny bitches look dumb as fuck in em

  6. I love comments like cila. I rarely delete them because people need to know how stupid some people in this world are. Herndon, Virginia sounds like a great place.

  7. You haters. Beyonce looked nice, that’s like saying bigger chicks can’t wear leggings. Well guess what they do! Beyonce isn’t even big. If she can pull it off, it shows other girls with that body type that they shouldn’t be afraid to wear things, just because they aren’t some deathly skinny model. That BET performance was awesome and she looked awesome.

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