Month: July 2007

PEEP: Fashion Cares 2007

I just finished watching the television special of PEEP: Fashion Cares. IT WAS AWFUL! I can understand why people were so pissed off. I don’t understand Fashion Cares without a runway. I didn’t like the stage setup at all. The crowd looked completely bored. And they edited the hell out of it also. They didn’t show Dita’s performance in it’s entirety. Boo urns It was awesome to see one of Irene’s outfits in the show. It was during the dance performance which would have been fine if the big screen wasn’t behind them. Big screens displaying the show need to be off to the sides of the performer.

Yes Virgina, there is a Gucci Cafe

I was amazed to find out there is a Gucci Cafe in the world. Of course it’s in Tokyo, Japan. Ginza to be exact. The building itself. They have Gucci pancakes And you can wash that down with Gucci Cafe tea They even have monogrammed chocolate for the logo whores. Google Translated version of the original Japanese web page More photos. via TrendHunter