Trend Forecasting – Fall 2008/2009

I attended a Fall 2008-2009 trend forecasting seminar with the Toronto Fashion Incubator. It’s a membership perk as this seminar is not open to the public. I also have access to the Womenswear trendbook at the TFI office. These books are amazing and extremely pricey.

I’m loving the ideas for Fall 2008. I took a whole ton of notes and I have to compile them.

The seminar was given by Natalie Gauthier from the company Promostyl, International Trend Research and Design Agency.

By Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke is an Engineering Storyteller and the founder of the fashion blog “I want – I got.” She was one of the first and most prominent online fashion writers in Toronto and Canada.


  1. Hi,

    I do not have, at least now, access to all the trend forecasting sources.
    I need information on tfashion rends for fall winter 2008/09 including accesories, as i have to do with shoes and bags.

    If it is possible, pls send me any notes on trends and description of comming trends on my email address.

    I will be evry grateful to receive it,


  2. hey i was just wanting to know the colours, fabrics, and fashion trends for fall/winter 2008 if thats at all possibly!!!
    thanks so much!

  3. Hello it must be amazing to have access to the latest news!
    I’m looking for the main fashion themes of the season (fall 2009) and their definition and as you said you took a lot of notes, could you please send me information for my studies.
    Thank you so much!

  4. hello,
    i would appreciate it so much if you could tell me hints about the most prevailing trends in the fall of 2008.that’s because i will get married around that time of the year and i want to know what kind of wordrope and accessories to chose.
    thank you alot

  5. Hi,
    I’ve just begun to work in the fashion industry and realize that to order the right collection I have to know the fashion trends for the next season. I would be very greatfull if you could send me the information you have.
    Thanks a lot.

  6. hey i was just wanting to know the colours, fabrics, and fashion trends for fall/winter 2008-2009 if thats at all possibly!!! thanks a lot

  7. HI! my name is Maya and im from Chile….i am making a trend study to improve my portfolio so I could apply to a scolarship for an MA in womanswear….pls could you help me informing me about next trends, fabrics and colors for summer 2009?
    I will be very helpfull !!!!!
    Many Thanks in advance*
    Best Regards

  8. Hi I was wondering if you could help me by telling me the biggest trends in accessories, colors of accessories, and trims an embellishments for fall 2008. I am doing a project. Thank you

  9. Hi…I will be greatful to you if you can send me the trends in all the trims of garment industry for Fall 2009.Thank you very much.

  10. Straight from WGSN 2008/9 fall winter trends:

    women’s accessories will have a magical surrealism full of mythical creatures, odd plant life and dark fairy-tale details. Celestial symbols like star, moon, sun and comet. Nouveau hieroglyphs (both ancient and digital influences) Confused? think “Tron” the movie and reused computer parts. think twisted fairytales that reference the unabridged stories of the brothers Grimm.

    1920s exotic influences with irreverent and hidden meanings full of sexual puns. Exotic Orientale and eastern symbolisms. Hearts and arrows that speak a warped sense of love from cupid.

    Scarabs scarabs scarabs – the ancient Egyptian harbinger of luck – and winged insects of all types.

    Swans, that eternally elegant forbearer of grace.

    Find cluttered and clustered bits of junk jewelry that are collaged together into fantastic metal gardens to wear.

    Iridescent gemstones and rocks of all types, and tons of crystals.

    Hope that helps. This is the same information that top designers are working from for this season, very expensive to accquire, but too juicy to not share!


  11. Visual inspiration:

    Gustav Klimt
    J.W. Waterhouse
    books with photos of the tomb and treasures of Tutankhamen
    the book Dressing a Galaxy
    Alphonse Mucha
    Pretty much any pre-Raphaeliteartist artist
    Betty page
    Pin up art
    Japanese caligraphy art

  12. january 17th, 2009

    Hello im fashion design student,
    I’m looking for the main fashion trends of womens wear for the season (fall 2009) and their definition and as you said you took a lot of notes, could you please send me information.
    Thank you so much!

  13. HI…I will be greatful to you if you can send me the trends in all the trims of garment industry for Fall 2009.Thank you very much.

  14. Hi, Its amazing you get to go to all these fashion shows, I’m currently a fashion design student so I’m just not there yet 🙁 I would be so grateful if you can send me the trends *silhouettes, colours, styles etc* for 2009. Thank you. have fun at the shows!

  15. hi i have been gteaching art and exibiting my self now for 25 years ,i need a change but still want to enspire others and open a art gift shop repesenting hand crafters artists .following trends as well.could you lead me in the right direction as far as unique art gifts

  16. hello, we are a professional jewelry company based in Yiwu, we focus on handmade jewelry. Should you need any information about sample, production, latest design, or you have some project to develop, pls send me email at Xiexie.

  17. I would like possible trends for Fall of 2009 for handbags, jeas, shirts, dresses ect

  18. Hi….my name is Mzi from South Africa. We are manufactures of silver and gold chains. I am looking fo r inspiratios and direction for jewellery.
    It would be greatly appreciated if you can send me jewellery trends in in both siver and gold as well as costume jewellery for Fall 2009.

    With kind regards

  19. I am a fashion design student starting a campus fashion magazine would you please send me some information about the fall and winter trends for 08-09, themes and accesories. Thanks!

  20. hi,
    i am a jewellery designer. Could you pls send me some info regarding the trends in jewellery and fashion for fall/winter and spring/summer 2009.
    thank you

  21. Hi,
    Could you send me info. about fashion trends for 2008 and 09 ?
    Thank you very much

  22. hello….
    Please could u send information and images if possible on silhouttes trends for the year 2009……!
    Thank you

  23. We usually offer trend forecasting for upcoming seasons for our wholesale customers. Typically it ties in with what we are offering for the upcoming season, but the information is culled from a variety of sources, including Accessories Magazine, a leader in forecasting industry trends.

  24. Hi, Can you please e-mail me the color/fabrics/and fashion trends for Fall/winter 2009, I would really appreciate it. I’ve been in the fashion industry but just recently started working on my own collection, so this information will be very helpful. Thank you.

  25. Hi,
    Pls send some note related to leather garments style, detailing,including accessories for Fall/winter 2008-2009
    Thank you

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