Good Catch First Birthday Craft Fair

Good Catch First Birthday Craft Fair!
August 18, 2007

The one-year anniversary of the Good Catch Craft Fairs.

Featuring crafty goods from:
1. the sweetie pie press
2. Crafty Like a Fox
3. Amy C. Lam
4. Trip Print Press
5. Liisa K. Graham
6. Saddle Kobayashi
7. swandive
8. The Toronto Zine Library
9. The Coldsnap Bindery
10. Vintage Love
11. natorious designs
12. Heartbeat
13. Pixie Fashions
14. girl number twenty
15. Toronto Craft Alert
16. SLO
17. MattheaMade
18. Pink Olive
19. Pilot
20. Papersnake Jewellery
21. Toronto Church of Craft
22. l’ammie
& Waaaaaaay More!

Good Catch General Store
1556 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON

12:00pm – 5:00pm

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