NYC Fashion Week Spring 2008 people watching

So I saw some interesting people during my trip

1. Demi Moore – she is flawless. It’s kinda disgusting really. However, she was really nice to people.
2. Jenna Jameson – It was extremely weird, I saw her at the hotel. She’s really tiny and duck faced, ugh.
3. Anna Wintour – I saw her entering Thakoon. First knocked off my list.
4. Andre Leon Talley – He’s massive. 2nd knocked off my list
5. Carine Roitfeld – she is my style hero, only that woman can make a grey tshirt look amazing, paired with a balenciaga skirt and sky-high heels. I saw her outside of Proenza. She was the 3rd.
Carine Roitfeld NYC Fashion Week Sept 7, 2007

Carine in Alaia outside of Phi
Carine Roitfeld NYC Fashion Week Sept 8, 2007

I got a picture taken with Hillary Alexander (I love her!), she’s was so nice and damn personable.

I didn’t get to see Anna Piaggi, who knows if she even was in New York. There were a lot of celebrities at the shows I attended, I didn’t notice them though.

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