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NYC Fashion Week Spring 2008 – Street Trends

There were two things that really stuck out for me in New York.

1. Men carried Manbags. All kinds of guys with all kinds of bags, not just the fashion insiders. I liked the look actually and I hope it spreads. Hell, I even liked the guy rocking the clutch at Phi.
Balenciaga F/W 07 Manbag

Find your Man bag here.

2. Goyard is king. I didn’t see a lot of Louis Vuitton, but I saw a lot of Goyard, fake and real. You could get Goyard fakes on every street corner. At night, every street corner had a bunch of guys selling handbags out of garbage bags and boxes. Fucking hilarious.
Goyard handbag

For those that don’t know, Goyard is an old french company that makes very expensive luggage and handbags.

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