NYC Fashion Week Spring 2008 – Zero Maria Cornejo

It’s 5AM Friday morning at YYZ. I haven’t slept yet. I decided to go out Thursday night to The Social. I got my butt home at 2:30AM and finished packing in time to leave at 4:30AM for the airport. I’m not sure how I’m going to make it through the day, I have 4 shows planned. I try to sleep on the flight but my neighbour keeps elbowing me. He’s fidgeting like a bastard and my urge to kill is rising; thank god it’s only an hour flight.

Arriving at La Guardia is interesting, it’s a busy airport. Not as clean as YYZ, but this is New York after all. There is enough time to check into the hotel and get some breakfast. The first show is Zero Maria Cornejo. It’s held in a small warehouse in the Meatpacking district. I have a front row seat for my first ever NYC fashion week show, I’m pretty excited.

The Zero collection features a lot of easy to wear pieces that bucked the trends and featured bright colours. Everything was very much in the loose fitting, cocoon style.

Zero Maria Cornejo Geometric jersey Square Poncho Dress
I really loved this Geometric jersey Square Poncho Dress. The pattern distorts your vision when looked upon and that gave the effect that the person is distorting space and time as they walk by.




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