Month: October 2007

Circa Nightclub People

Not many really great dressed people overall, but some were pretty hot. The opening night party was a good one overall, despite small glitches. I broke in my Chocolate Basso dress finally, thanks Gail. I love Mark. Every time I see this guy he’s dressed the part.

I’m illustrated

Danielle from Final Fashion is a fashion illustrator.. She started an illustration project for anyone who wished for an original image that would be placed on Moo cards. After seeing the results of Lady Kit Kat, Carolyn and the grumpy owl, I decided to commission my own. The inspiration: I wanted my photo to convey some sort of graceful movement instead of the typical jaunty pose. I told Danielle to do what she felt was best, but I wanted movement. I also wanted to be wearing this outfit from my dream collection, Balenciaga Spring 2007. The reveal after the jump