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Whistler Day 4 – A little bit of powder

I could write a long post about how amazing it was today, but I won’t because I’m tired and I have other posts to write. Today was the hardest day of skiing so far. In addition to the powder to deal with, we did a lot of bump skiing today. I was complaining at how I’m not a good bump skier so it was practice, practice, practice today. I wonder how long my legs will last.

I will say that Blackcomb Glacier was stupid fun today. The little pathway past the double black diamond run BlowHole that opens up the rest of the glacier to advanced and intermediate skiers was so sketchy. It was snowing and visibility was pretty low. It was sketchier yesterday in the bright sun. There was a man in front of me and you could tell he was having a problem with the height. He was grabbing at the snow wall and crouching as he walked. I kept a good distance from this guy. Yesterday, I was a bit nervous about the pathway but today it was all good. I took a good look a BlowHole and I’m going to take it tomorrow. It will be my first double black diamond run. Wish me luck. We tried to hit the glacier again but it was closed by the time we go out of it and back to the Excelerator chair.

I also did a lot of gladed skiing today which was fantastic. Gladed skiing is through the trees and it can be quite hairy. There is no place for wrong choices because you end up getting to know a tree really well. There was one run called Arthur’s Choice that was so crazy. Some turns would result in a foot drop in vertical. It was really beautiful in there with the trees covered in moss and the fog building as you wander down. Of course my camera died by this point and I didn’t get any pictures. Please enjoy the ones I have posted though.

Snow is coming Friday and Saturday. I only planned to ski 5 days, but I don’t think I’m gonna pass on Saturday if the snow continues. This week has been incredible, the mountains are completely dead.


Isn’t windburn sexy!

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