Coogi2G this is for you babe.

I have a small group of readers that comment regularly and they are very near and dear to my heart. Yesterday at L’Oreal Fashion Week I met Coogi2G. I was sitting in the runway room and this cute boy, dressed very well I might add, taps me on the shoulder and asks, “Are you geekigirl?” In the rare instances I’m approached by people on the street about the blog, that is usually the first words out of their mouths. I kinda like being called geekigirl by someone other than myself and aloud, lol. So, I said yes and Coogi2G started gushing about the blog, which always makes me feel a little self-conscious. I’m always amazed that people read this damn thing and like it even. I did turn his gushing around directed it right back at him. Comments are special things and they mean a lot when it’s not spam. Coogi2G, thanks for reading my blog, I’m honoured that you check it multiple times a day and that you take the time to comment. Words can’t express my appreciation.

I have a tip for you, 80% of the time I don’t usually update after 2pm. I have a scheduler and I have them set to publish in during the morning hours.

By Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke is an Engineering Storyteller and the founder of the fashion blog “I want – I got.” She was one of the first and most prominent online fashion writers in Toronto and Canada.


  1. oh.. I’m putting on my I want list this one “I want to meet geekgirl”

    About meeting readers and fans, that’s used to be so strange for me at first.

    While in your blog you are less “personal” then others, and don’t mostly don’t talk about your intimidate life, emotions and such, it’s still means to meet someone who knows a part of you without ever meeting you in person.

    I always found that freaky and exciting (and once even frightening.)

    and for who ever drops in several times a day to see if there are updates, I would recommend RSS, unless you got the free time 😉

  2. Hi Girl!!!!!

    Thank you so much ***gushing***!!!! This post is the HOT-NESS!!!

    This is what really makes your blog stand out and a cut above all of the other TO “fashion” blogs and bloggers – you GET it and you keep it real and you’ve got a great thing going, please don’t ever stop expressing your opinions and challenging your readers to think about what and why they are purchasing….

    Ohhhhh the haters giving thumbs down to this post! Respect to everyone who comes to your site, but with all great visionaries – there will always be the envious, the jealous, and ultimately the ones who secretly wish they could be as influential.

    Thanks for the tip on the updates!

    All the best to you and my fellow readers – have a great long weekend everyone!!!

    You betta WORK!!!!!

  3. hey replica man!

    Thanks for the RSS tip!

    I’m old school though, and I am all about supporting the traffic on geekigirl’s site – Traffic = Ad Space Sales = Ca$h for geekigirl to buy all those fabulous coveted fashion pieces…. I know how she feels – I can’t afford my own tastes either 😉

    Cheers rep!

  4. Coogi2g:

    Don’t say it out loud or she might be blamed for ads scamming 🙂

    Also, the part about you can’t afford all the fashion items here, it’s such an opening for some shameless promotion for me that I’m just going to skip it.


  5. Being able to afford your tastes is overrated. It just means that you ran out of taste before you ran out of money. It’s always best to run out of money first.

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