1. Thanks for posting this! LOVE Hedi Slimane and Sasha – what a great collaboration! These images definitely follow in the Hedi Slimane aesthetic…. I am still lamenting his departure from Dior, but it is definitely refreshing and reassuring to see that he is keeping busy with other projects….


  2. why is her mouth always open? maybe cause she is hungry…

    otherwise rad pictures. she has a stunning face and the clothes, to die for. not to mention the fabulous composition by the photographer.

  3. I’ve heard the same thing about Coco. Why is her mouth always open?

    People, the photographer usually picks the final shot, it’s not like they took 1 picture and went with it. I’m sure there are lot of pictures that she doesn’t have her mouth open in, but they weren’t used.

  4. The open mouth pose is a trick of the trade – depending on how wide the model’s mouth is open it is similar to sucking in your cheeks. Instant cheekbones and high fashion sexy poutiness……

  5. did i even say anything about small breasts? i have nothing against small breasts. asshole yourself. if you’ve got issues with your breasts, they don’t have anything to do with me.
    she needs food, and this is not beautiful

  6. She is kind of genderless. She could be a skinny Ziggy Stardust, or a malnourished lanky toddler. Not appealing to me.
    (Nothing to do with the breasts 🙂 )

  7. greta,
    I want to apologize to you. It was uncalled for behaviour. I really need to stay away from the computer after consuming lots of alcohol.

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