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geekiviews: Sex in the City movie

Yes, even though I really don’t care, I saw Sex in the City. I knew that MJ would want me to see it with him. We went on Saturday, the theater was empty and the butter was real. The movie was way too long, painfully long. The storyline was predictably awful, but there were a few really good laughs. That theme song, hideous. That pretty much sums up the average Sex in the City fan to me, people who think Fergie is cool. The moving going crowd was fantastic, there wasn’t a short skirt or a stiletto in the place.

The fashion was the only reason I cared and it was pretty intense. MJ and I played “what’s she wearing” the whole time. The product placement was totally ridiculous and I wonder how much money changed hands. Most of the outfits were just awful. The fashion show scene was completely laughable. I always hate fashion show scenes in movies (except Zoolander).

People really identify with this movie. Is it true women go to New York for love and labels? Seriously, is this real? I have a hard time computing the whole thing and don’t get me started on the “White guy with a baby, follow him” thing.

Sigh! I did walk away with a love for this shoe.

Dior’s Extreme Cutout Sandal

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