Lucinda’s List: Toronto’s Top Ten Style Cliques

So Lucinda McRuvy of Rags and Mags had decided to map out Toronto’s Top Ten Style Cliques a la I thought the feature was pretty lame, mostly because I don’t live in NYC and I find the whole thing pretty high school (it never seems to end). That being said, this is Toronto, I live here and I find this list very amusing. Yes, your’s truly is mentioned and I’m surprised that Lucinda even knows my name. She’s never acknowledged my presence.

Earlier this year, chronicled New York’s top style clans, courted controversy with their inclusions (and exclusions!), and drew attention to the segregated world of fashion. The article got me wondering about who shapes the Canadian style landscape. What style clans to we have? Are they as defined and closed as those in New York?

Surveying and spying at Spring events, I surmised Toronto’s top trendsetting teams and observed those hovering around. Before I announce my Top Ten Style Cliques, I must address the hovering wannabes because it is so unsophisticated and must be curtailed. Those in the know can detect insincerity and sycophantic tendencies a mile away, so those people will never find a fitting fashion clique.

If you admire someone’s work or style, by all means, tell her. Everyone loves a compliment. But no one loves a stalker. If you are real, the object of your fashion affection will reciprocate. By no means should you pop up uninvited to any event hosted by your preferred couture crew; you should always be invited.

If you’re new on the style scene, don’t just insert yourself into the center. Sit back, watch, and analyze. Read The Art of War if you must. There is a fine line between interlocutor and obnoxious, pushy bore. Patience is definitely a virtue and will be rewarded with gradual acceptance on the scene.

Whose patience, determination, and style has reaped rewards? Read below to discover Canada’s hautest troops, but keep in mind that membership is fluid and most cliques are on friendly terms. All do support Canadian fashion.

Where’s the list you ask, click here -> Sophisticated City by Lucinda McRuvy

By Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke is an Engineering Storyteller and the founder of the fashion blog “I want – I got.” She was one of the first and most prominent online fashion writers in Toronto and Canada.