geekiviews: Zune Edition – Microsoft Zune, initial thoughts

So I’m a guinea pig again this time it’s for Microsoft instead of Motorola. I’ve been asked to test drive the Microsoft Zune – 8G. I’m not particularly attached to my iPod so I said why not. I have Matchstick to thank for this. I’m one of 300 people in Canada in the program.

So you’ll be seeing some Zune posts on the site as I give you my thoughts about the product and if it can be an iPod killer.

Initial thoughts:
1. Interesting packaging. They are really trying to emulate the Apple way of packaging. The player is packaged great, not a lot of waste. I can’t say the same for the headphones and AC adapter that came with it.
2. Not sure about the packaging colour scheme, brown, orange. It’s unobtrusive I guess.
3. It’s a lot smaller than I thought.
4. Don’t like the scroll wheel
5. The interface is very flashy, with animation and all that. I’m definitely not used it to, so I’ll reserve judgment for now
6. It has a radio. I don’t listen to the radio and can’t remember the last time I carried a music player that incorporated it.
7. I keep trying to scroll in circles, lol. The Zune uses and up and down scrolling motion
8. It’s has these social tools incorporated in it. Not sure about these yet.

Another thing that is interesting with this program is they are tracking word of mouth. I have a Conversation ID: 102 986 0045, that you can use on to comment on this conversation about the Zune. If you complete the survey you can either donate money to charity or enter a draw for $500 gift certificate from

EDIT: Now I feel like I’m really being tracked. They gave me a fancy gizmo for the post. I wonder if I can get a hold of the report at the end, hmm 🙂

By Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke is an Engineering Storyteller and the founder of the fashion blog “I want – I got.” She was one of the first and most prominent online fashion writers in Toronto and Canada.


  1. Even though you don’t listen to the radio, that is a really great feature. Many other countries, Australia’s Triple J commercial free awesome radio for example, would be fantastic to access from a personal music device in my opinion. Australia’s national radio station is so awesome, that I would rather listen to that than anything else. Radio in Canada is crap, so not a useful feature here. P.S I love your blog!

  2. The real question is; does it have a physical power button so you can turn it off when it fails to eject properly and you’re on a bus and the entire interface is either frozen or won’t let you stop it from playing etc.? Oh wait, it’s not an iPod, but then again, microsoft built it, so I’d probably take out some sort of pants-fire insurance.

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