I’ve changed my mind about Comme des Garcons at H&M

After seeing some friends wearing their Comme des Garcons stuff from H&M, I’ve changed my mind. Now I think I might make my way down to grab a few things. These are what I’m thinking of.

Comme des Garcons at H&M Canadian store locations

By Anita Clarke

Anita Clarke is an Engineering Storyteller and the founder of the fashion blog “I want – I got.” She was one of the first and most prominent online fashion writers in Toronto and Canada.


  1. the dress and the pant is the best piece out of the ones you chose, but there are others worth buying too. polka dots are classic comme des garcon in navy. that’ll be my choice!

  2. Hey guys, a pragmatic question, what is the best time to show up to line up for the CDG event? Is 7am too late? And for those in Toronto, which location is better selection wise – Bloor Street or Eaton Centre?


  3. itou,
    I know the polka dots are so CDG but I hate polka dots so I’m abstaining. Wow, they are really robbing you guys in Japan.

    I’ve been on the lookout. Who knows if these will fit or even look good. I’m just going grab a size 4 and hope for the best. If not eBay

    I’m working on those very questions

  4. i just know that when they had their Cavalli stuffs.. sold out in an HOUR !
    but the way CDG is .. do u think it’s too avant garde for North american?

  5. Yeah Eaton Center will have the full collection. and it is winter.. so if u want to stay warm.. go to eaton center.

  6. anything other than fleece and baggy poly-blend is avant garde for north america. prices are a bit higher in Japan because of two factors, 1. they’re selling h&m as a high brand here and most of us are not aware that it’s the equivalent of uniqlo (the same can be argued for uniqlo overseas), and 2. it’s prices are set by cultural standards and values, not so much on the direct currency exchange. unfortunately, or fortunately, no one in canada will pay for 300 for a dress whilst you can never find a dress lower than $300 in japan.

  7. Thanks to geekgirl and fotoboi!

    I think I will stick to the Eaton centre, I was thinking about waiting for 3 hours outside the Bloor one and the thought of it alone sends me shivering.

    Thanks again!

  8. no Problem Anastassia. it’s better to stay warm.
    itou. i been to japan.. and i decided not to go to GAP.. caz i know everything will be priced so differently then north america.
    Muji is one of other brands that is in the similar situation. as well….i think.
    so we will just have to wait. .
    (we don’t actually have a MUJI store in TORONTO 🙁 or canada)
    2 more weeks.

  9. To geekgirl

    Sorry I misled you, I have never been to designer events at H & M, CDG will be my first one. So I am giving myself three hours as a rough estimate just to be on the safe side. I am not sure which exit I should be lining up at, considering there are 3 levels at the Eaton Centre location and there is also one outdoor exit. I am going pay them a visit a couple of days before to try to get some pointers from their sales team. I remember with Madonna stuff (no special event for that one 🙂 ) they had it at the street level but I am not sure how they are going to handle this one. Will post my findings here. This whole experience brings back some fond memories of how I had to line up for 6 hours to get a pair of boots back in Mother Russia in good old Socialist days. We can team up if you want to if you are planning on doing the Eaton Centre for bathroom/coffee breaks.

  10. I went to Eaton Center Today. ……. they probably will have the CDG stuffs in the street level for sure. I remember last time when they had the Cavali stuffs…

  11. fotoboi, muji in japan is very different from muji overseas. we feature everything from slippers, aprons, bed, light, to boxed tissue. we have towels, microwaves, kitchen scales.. it’s like a scaled down version of ikea.

    in japan, muji is considered a staple (quality is great for “that” particular price”). the design in muji is crap. most japanese would know that (compared to our other offerings). it was meant to be generic, however, foreigners began to think of it as a japanese aesthetic and muji took full advantage of it. muji is everywhere in japan but your hardly hear people want it. it’s like 7-11 for everyday things.

    uniqlo is best known for its underwear and t-shirts in japan. nobody will buy “core” items in their closet from uniqlo. it’s cheap and expected to perform cheaply. that’s it. they make their money by changing every week and of course, the countless tourists that come and buy any t-shirt with japanese characters on it.

  12. hi itou.
    i totally agree with you…. we don’t have Muji and uniqlo in toronto. but i understanad.. what u mean. I am so excited to see CDG for sure……

  13. I’ve changed my mind again. I’m not lining up in the morning. I’ll hit up Eaton Center at before lunch and see what’s what.

    After thinking a bit, I need my sleep more.

  14. Whoever is interested in checking out the Eaton Center, CDG willl be on the street level. The store will open at 10:00.

  15. Just got back from the Eaton Centre. It was insane. I showed up at 7 and there was already a line up at the Yonge and Dundas entrance, so there went my hope of waiting it out indoors. When the doors opened, it went wild. At some point it felt unsafe, people were pushing and shoving and it was packed beyond capacity. At 10:19 there was nothing left on the racks in the womens section. I was so lucky to grab a jacket and a shirt in my size – still consider it a miracle. Most of the styles I never even got to see on the racks, they were gone in the first five minutes. Very interesting experience. Kudos to H and M team though, they were handing out free umbrellas on the street and went down the line to collect the garbage and were real troopers when the X hour came. It was seriously scary for someone to try to make it through the crowd with any of CDG items.
    So lesson learned for the future for similar H and M events – if I want something real bad I have to show up at 5, seriously. I am not sure if there is anything out there worth it, but I never say never.

  16. I was my way over there at like 10:50 when I found some girls in the Path that just came back from the sale. They said nothing was left and weren’t very forthcoming about their purchases either, so I didn’t get a chance to check out the merch.

    Will hit up H&M in the next few days to check for returns.

    No way in hell I would ever line up for H&M

  17. CDG i didnt think was worth the line up
    i went to cavalli last year and was there from 7am till opening and was lucky to be lke the 30th person in line and got the dress I wanted. For future reference to anyone taht DOES want to line up at eaton centre; they ALWAYS open the outside doors first so if you line up by the inside doors, good luck. Also some crazies stay there from the night before…if you get there around 6-7 *and i know that is still crazy early* you have a better chance at getting what you want. =)

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