The Nature of Diamonds

The Nature of Diamonds
Until March 22, 2009
Garfield Weston Exhibition Hall
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto

I’m not a big fan of diamonds at all. I really had no plans to visit The Nature of Diamonds at the ROM. However, I changed my mind when the media invite I received in the mail had a picture of the Diamond “lace” cuff bracelet (top left image above). I was floored and I found myself in the basement on the crystal listening to speeches. Some were rather uncomfortable given the subject. After the talking I was able put aside my issues and view the exhibit.

It was a well rounded exhibit on diamonds, starting with the fact that the stuff is just super hard carbon. It covered physical, historical, religious/mythological, industrial and artistic aspect of diamonds. There was a lot of educational stuff, but I just wanted to see the rocks.

Princess Mathilde corsage ornament is OH MY GOD stunning in person. STUNNING!!!!!! (picture on top right above). Other items of interest include the 407.48-carat golden coloured kite-shaped diamond (bottom left). It’s a monster. The huge diamond and the Princess Mathilde corsage among other rare pieces are held in an area of the exhibit called the vault.

If you are a jewelry nut then this is going to be something you’ll want to see. In the coming months the ROM will be presenting Light & Stone: Gems from the Collection of Michael Scott. From the preview pics in this press release, you won’t want to miss it. I’m salivating myself.

Oh and don’t forget, The Dead Sea Scrolls come to the ROM on June 27, 2009!

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