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i got: Ash Lenny Boot

Ash ‘Lenny’ Boot

Ash 'Lenny' Boot

My pair of dependable black heeled boots failed in November sometime. The heel started to bend in the opposite direction and walking was not fun. It was time to replace them. They had a good run, almost 2 years I think. I wore the hell out of them too.

The decision to get the Ash ‘Lenny’ Boot wasn’t a straight path. I first bought a pair of boots from B2, they weren’t perfect but they worked. Then in the same weekend I saw the Ash ones at Holt Renfrew. It was friends and family weekend too and I had 25% off. So, I bought the Ash boots, which ended up being cheaper than the ones from B2. I returned the other boots to B2 when I returned to work on Monday. I should have looked at Holt’s first for boots; they do have some mid range boots that aren’t ridiculously expensive.

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