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i got: A CDN Spirit Down Jacket

Cdn Spirit Down Jacket

It was starting to get cold in Toronto and I needed a puffy down jacket. I have a lot of wool jackets that require way too many layers in the winter. I wanted a jacket that I could wear without a lot of layers. My ski jacket is down, but it’s not long enough.

It happened to be Buy Local Week when I started to I decided that I would buy a Canadian made jacket. My choices were slim, Canada Goose or CDN Spirit. I decided on the Cdn Spirit because Canada Goose is just too expensive, double the price.

I’m very, very happy with my purchase. The jacket is super warm and the fleece cuffs are a nice touch and keeps the wind from blowing up my sleeves. Cdn Spirit is carried by Sporting Life and Holly’s Fashions. I got mine at the Holly’s Fashion shop in the TD Centre.

The picture isn’t the best because I’m pretty lazy right now and can’t be bothered to take one.