UPDATE: I’ve tweaked things again.

So I’ve changed up the site theme once again.

I’m hoping to showcase the photos much better with this site and have improved lightboxish display of the images. The theme I was using before was very wonky in this respects.

I’ve scaled down the sidebars to one and they have less information than before. You will still have access to the Event Calender, search features, subscription options and the small Toronto blogroll

The top of the page now display the page listings and select categories. After talking to friends, offering all category options added too much clutter. I’ve chosen the categories that I think are most relevant and useful for my readers. To see the complete list of categories please use the Archives page. The Archives page is listed by Date and by Category.

I’ve also switched over to Google Search for my blog which I hope will benefit people better when searching the blog. The built in WordPress search functionality wouldn’t search all attributes and sometimes results were left off the list. I’ve also changed the search results to display the full post instead of an excerpt which didn’t allow images to display.

For those of you that subscribe via email, I’m slowly going to move away from Feedblitz to Feedburner Email. I can’t switch all the subscribers over myself, so if you are currently receiving I want – I got by email. Please sign up for the new service and unsubscribe your Feedblitz based subscription. I will be maintaining both for now, but I will be dumping Feedblitz in the near future. So Subscribe to I want – I got via Feedburner Email so you don’t miss any updates.

There will be some more tweaking happening over the next few days but this is pretty much it I believe.

Look out for an I want – I got banner of some sort. The top of the page needs a nice welcoming fashion image.

Please let me know what you think of the new theme in the comments or by rating this post.

Thanks readers.


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