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Project Runway Canada – geekigirl’s verdict on Jessica’s dress

I haven’t blogged about PRC yet. I’m usually on Twitter doing the live posting thing with friends and that gets it out of my system. However, Project Runway Canada – Episode 6 had me interested. The winner would have their garment sold in Winners and said garment would be ready to be purchased the next day. Very interesting!

Episode 6: Hope Springs Eternal Recap
Guest Judge: Nicole Gouveia, WINNERS

The designers are challenged to make a perfect spring dress for the Winners customer. The prize for this challenge could truly launch one designer’s career – the top design will be sold in select Winners stores across Canada. Iman leads the judging panel to declare who will win and who gets cut.

The episode was hilarious as always, plenty of freakouts and fights. So, Jessica Biffi won and I went to Winners the next day to check out the goods. There wasn’t any black in my size so I opted for this periwinkle colour.


Danielle says I’m wearing it over the wrong shoulder and that could be true. I did take a picture of the tag though, and I think I have it right.


Biases out in the open first – I’m not a fan of these types of dresses to be honest. I like everything but skirt hems asymmetrical. I also try to keep my jersey dresses to a minimum. It’s an unforgivable fabric. The only colour that was decent was black.  The coral, lime green and periwinkle weren’t good choices.

The dress was double lined which was better production than I expected, but for $99.99 you would hope that. I thought the pleats didn’t work, they don’t have a consistent pattern and they disappear in places. You need a good piece of shapewear for this dress, it shows everything.

The fabric was polyester jersey with a touch of spandex. It was a heavier weight than expected, but not of the quality you would see in a Greta Constantine dress for obvious reasons. It was a little insulting to see the tag say Dry Clean Only, like come on. Is that some kind of selling tactic? I felt the neckline could have been a little cleaner. Jessica’s original version looked a lot better.

I was a little disappointed that the collection wasn’t produced in Canada. It couldn’t have been a large run. The show is about finding Canada’s top designer talent *cough, cough* and promoting the industry so why don’t we see the support to apparel producers that bring these collections to life.

Rebecca from The Subadult Years also tried on the dress. She tried on the black but didn’t purchase.

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