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Tom Dixon in Toronto


Klaus by Nienkämper brought Tom Dixon to The Spoke Club last month to talk about his Utility 2009 collection. I was hoping to see some of his pieces up close but that wasn’t the case. Tom got up and spoke for about 20 minutes. He’s funny and very self deprecating. Accompanying his talk was a slide presentation that showed images that included pieces from the Utility collection and his influences. He even had a cartoon created for himself, how cool is that.


Tom Dixon says: “I have always been inspired by the no nonsense approach of industrial artifacts and military engineering, science and mathematics, alongside materials and processes for manufacture. So this season, nothing has changed! Our theme for 2009 of Utility talks of usefulness and longevity, which feels appropriate right now.”

Tom Dixon Copper ShadeMSS45

Tom Dixon Fluoro Light

Tom Dixon Beat Vessels

Tom Dixon Copper Shade

As you can tell I’m a big fan of the light fixtures. I’ve been told that I gravitate to round things. That might explain my love of these light fixtures.


Paul didn’t get any photos of Tom’s work but they were very good in supplying me with lots of images to share. I’ve highlighted my favourites but be sure to check out the slideshow for more.

images: Top 2 images taken by Paul Baik for I want – I got – www.paulbaikphoto.com; all product images courtesy of Tom Dixon

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