Month: July 2009

i want: A Mini Dress

Ever since the shock of seeing short dresses on the Valentino fall 2009 couture runway I’ve been thinking about mini dresses. Cashmere Cowl Neck Leather Mini Dress by Rick Owens This must be the softest feeling mini dress ever. Buttery Rick Owens leather and cashmere, heaven! Crepe Studded Mini Dress by Jo No Fui Jeweled Bustier Dress by Alessandro Dell’ Acqua For kicks the special order Jeweled Bustier Dress.

Adeline Andr̩ Couture РFall 2009

The most interesting couture presentation was done by Adeline André. It consisted of one look for men and one look for women. To demonstrate her patented three-armhole design (and reveal just how much fabric went into each piece), the four items, including a shirt, jacket and coat for men, were first pegged on a clothesline before being donned by the models. The women’s look, a layered silk crepe dress merging from flesh color tones to pinks and reds, took minutes to put on as meters of fabric and a staggering 21 armholes were wound around. “I wanted to show my work, and the history of the armholes, in a very precise way,” André said. (source: I love the performance art aspect of this collection and the garment itself. The layers of colours gradually moving from light to dark is a nice touch. images:

i got: Neon Nails

I went with friends to their regular nail salon in the Yonge and Lawrence area called Cozy Nails. It’s not in my area of town but I was curious and the price was right, $40 + tax for a mani and pedi. I always get the obnoxious nail polish. It used to be the metallics and dark blues. I went super obnoxious, the Essie neon collection. Perky Purple and Funky Limelight were like beacons guiding me to the colour wall. Funky Limelight for the hands and Perky Purple for the toes. The service at Cozy Nails was excellent. There were two girls working on me at once so it was very quick service. We sat in large black chairs with all the massaging extras. A number of drinks are available for purchasing including teas and smoothies. They also have a nail drying station with fans for both hands and feet. I was very pleased with my manicure and pedicure. The pedicure is still looking fresh a week later. The manicure doesn’t unfortunately and it was …

Givenchy Haute Couture – Fall 2009

Givenchy Haute Couture, Hot Damn. I’m always excited to see what is going to come out of Riccardo Tisci. Here is a young man that is keeping the tradition of couture alive. This collection was heavily influenced by Morocco. The details were just incredible on the clothes and man on the models. I died when I saw those gold crystallized faces. This is my Haute Couture show of the season. I’m calling it now. I’ve gone crazy with the photos so you can see what I’m gushing about. I’m hoping the rest just get better after Givenchy. Check out Jak&Jil for some amazing shots. images: and WWD.

Christian Lacroix Haute Couture – Fall 2009

The Christian Lacroix show felt like a funeral to me. It was very dark with a lot of black instead of his usual explosion of colour. I imagine darkness was unavoidable for what could be the last Christian Lacroix Haute Couture collection. Hell, it could be the last Christian Lacroix collection ever. Haute Couture was touch and go, many were worried that it wouldn’t happen. However, the most amazing thing happened. All of Lacroix’s friends, suppliers and employees donated their time and materials. The collection was done for free. What an amazing tribute. Check out this video which talks more about how the collection came about. I admit that Lacroix has never been one of my favourite couturiers but his mastery of the medium is undeniable. I hope he doesn’t leave the stage just yet as it would be a huge disservice to the whole industry. That knowledge needs to be passed on. Christian Lacroix Forever! images: and PIERRE VERDY/AFP/Getty Images

i want: Luxury Vintage from Shrimpton Couture

Through twitter I discovered a locally based online vintage store called Shrimpton Couture. They focus on luxury items and but there are many beautiful dresses and accessories that start at $125. In addition to vintage pieces Shrimpton Couture sells reworked vintage and one of a kind jewellery. Expedited shipping is free in Canada! Shrimpton Couture also writes a vintage column for Herald de Paris. Here are some of my i wants from Shrimpton Couture, seriously drool worthy stuff. The one I covet most is the Restored Couture Flapper. This is a truly stunning couture level 1920s dress that has been fully restored. All the seams and beading have been re-inforced and the collar has been refinished with a silver silk satin ribbon edging. The main body of the dress is the original fabric but each panel was meticulously replaced and the fabric matched exactly. 2006 McQueen Dress – need I say more. Check out the embroidery on the back of the dress. 1950s Lace Illusion Dress – I love 50s style skirts. I’m currently obsessed …

Magpie Shopping Party

I attended the Magpie Shopping Party in June that was organized by The Style Box. Magpie was one of my favourite shows from Day 3 of |FAT|. However, up to this point I had never been in the store on Queen Street. The store is a combination of showroom and studio. There is also a really cute backyard patio. Magpie was created 4 years ago by Cathy McDayter and Angela Mann. In addition to their ready to wear line they do custom work that fits with the Magpie aesthetic. Prices start at $300. They also will alter their garments to fit the customer on site. Taking its inspiration from the exciting and vibrantly multicultural community of Toronto’s Queen Street West, Magpie Designs is all about exploring new ways to think about textile and design in women’s fashion. A partnership that began four years ago – Magpie Designs duo, Cathy McDayter and Angela Mann’s creations are not for those looking to be the wallflower of the party. A diverse range of hand-made garments and accessories are …

Christian Dior Haute Couture – Fall 2009

To me this collection felt half done or half assed. A lot of the looks featured no bottoms or tops. It was very bizarre. All I could think was: Is this what recession couture looks like? Did you run out of money for fabric? There were some interesting looks like this lace number. The rest, very beautiful but I was bored. However, I really loved the hats. images:

i got: Lumieres de Paris a Scarf by Hermès

So I’ve been drooling over Hermès scarfs for a long time on I want – I got. Containing 65 grams of silk from 250 cocoons, 90 centimetres square, the Hermes scarf has become a standard for good workmanship and discreet luxury. It requiring up to two years of work to produce one of these wearable art that is an expression of its style and luxury. From 1837, Thierry Hermès made harnesses and saddles for a privileged clientele. Boots, jewelry, home decor items, and silk scarves were added to the company’s range. In 1920, his grandson Emile included luggage. The first scarf square to accompany the Hermès collection was produced in 1928, inspired by that worn by Napoleon’s soldiers. It was a big success that resulted in a workshop, then a factory, for scarf production being set up at Lyon in 1937. Each Hermes design requires: * nine to twelve months of research and development; * fifty-odd designers, * ideas drawn from styles such as baroque, * contributions from artists such as Matisse. Six to eight …

i want: Rick Owens Leather Fall 2009

Ya’ll know I went crazy over Rick Owens Fall 2009 – 2010 collection. Well the stuff is hitting the stores and it’s gorgeous. Elbow Wing Cropped Front Leather Jacket This jacket is my favourite of the bunch. White leather for winter, Hot. It’s like leather tails, love it! Oversized Coat Felt Padded Shoulder Jacket Rick brings out some strong shoulder. Mikado Trim Shearling Leather Jacket Wrap Shoulder Tie Leather Jacket

The Last Gay Bash

It was the end of an era, the final Gay Bash was held on June 28, 2009. Gay Bash was the party where everyone from the House of Helder got together and danced, drank and ate. It was always fun seeing what the kids were up to style-wise and catching some impromptu dance routines. The last installment was no different. Here are some pictures of the festivities.

Holt Renfrew Reveals Fashion Blogger Windows

The official Press Release is here: Holt Renfrew Reveals Fashion Blogger Windows. I’ve talked about myself enough so here is a slideshow of the other windows at the Bloor Street store. Images provided by Holt Renfrew. I’m a big fan of all the windows. At first I didn’t understand Bryanboy’s but Jennifer at Fashion Magazine straightened me out. Marc Jacobs did the Posh in a Bag ads which were very similar to Bryanboy’s own Bryanboy in a bag photos. It all made sense after that revelation and I enjoy his window much more. Jane’s was awesome and I loved how all the mannequin looked just like her. There wasn’t enough shoes though. Loved Tommy Ton’s window, especially the screens that were made using images from Jak & Jil. The Sartorialist got the biggest windows and they are pretty cool. Hello, newspaper boxes wrapped in suiting material, LOVE. Garance Dore’s was very French, perhaps the Baguettes were over doing it. I loved the mannequin with the camera the best. If you look close enough you’ll see …