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Some of my most prize possessions from India were the paintings I bought at Dilli Haat, a market in the heart of Delhi. This experience of buying artwork was interesting because I got to talk to the artist who was from Udaipur. He sat me and a coworker down in his tent. Most merchants in the market would have chairs for customers to sit down at. We poured over his prolific works of art each one more beautiful then the next.


This is my favourite piece. The richness of the blues just sucked me in. This scan can never replicate just how detailed and beautiful his work is.


This is the piece that was painted on old government paper. On the reverse side is a some Hindi writing. I have no idea what it says.


I got these elephant silk paintings for my brother and mother.

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By Anita Clarke

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  1. Awesome 🙂 We just got back from India in Feb. Also got a painting from Dilli Hut – love it. Need to frame it though; any ideas where to get it framed?

    Great blog. Check out my India pics when you have time.


  2. @geekigirl I did all mine with Ikea frames – I just had a place cut the matting for me.

  3. @geekigirl one of these days I am gonna have to stop by and try one of those Crown Spice things. I hear so many rave reviews.

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