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So Dolce & Gabbana are giving us a sneak preview

Dolce & Gabbana are posting Pre-Show Diaries for everyone to see leading up to the Spring 2010 presentation on Sept 27, 2009. They are show 1 minute films that give you a glimpse of the goings on behind the scenes. Why did they do this, well you can read all about it in an article called Exclusive! Dolce & Gabbana change the catwalk rules on Swide Magazine.

Here is Part 1 and Part 2 but follow the Dolce & Gabbana YouTube Channel to see the next installments. I have to admit I like the idea, but I also like looking at Domenico and Stefano. I might be a little bias.

So far it looks a lot different from the cowboy look that sister brand D&G showcased for Spring 2010.

I’m not into the cowboy look but I have to applaud Domenico and Stefano for an incredibly tight collection. I love collections that have a distinct theme and the execution is flawless. There were some individual pieces I liked, but it’s not my style. They have some great models walking and I love the soundtrack.

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