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Peter Kent Handbags


Hector and Alejandro

I went to the Canadian launch of Peter Kent Handbags at the Hazelton Hotel this week. Peter Kent is a leather accessories line out of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Hector Neer founded the company in 1972 and it continues to this day as a family run business. His three children joined him in the business using their skills in different areas of the company.  Hector still is the head designer.

Hector and his son Alejandro made their way from Argentina to Toronto for the launch. They had a hell of a trip up here; missed connection flight due to customs in Washington and lost luggage. This resulted in a 25 hour trip, much longer than normal. Despite this Hector and Alejandro were so incredibly nice and personable when I got a chance to meet and chat with them about their business. They are so passionate about the business and their enthusiasm really shows in the handbags.


Sea creature bag

Peter Kent Handbags doesn’t produce in large volumes and the result is well crafted merchandise. They use local craftsmen who still handstitch the bags. They use the most luxurious leather and suede in many colours and finishes. I’m a hardware girl and one of the first things I noticed was the high quality hardware on the bags. Great hardware is light as a feather and not heavy. I have to admit, I drooled over many of the bags that were on display. Hector gets his inspiration from traveling for his classic but modern handbag design.


Pizza Bag

I have a few favourites of the collection but the bag I drooled over the most is the pizza bag. It’s huge and holds everything, but it’s the design that makes it special. It’s literally in the shape of a pizza box that became apparent when it was laid out flat.


Pizza Bag Flat

I also really love the long patent clutch and a bag that reminds me of sea creature for some reason.


Peter Kent Handbags are available in Ontario at many stores. Too many to list, so please visit the Peter Kent Handbags Canada site to find a shop near you.

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